NEB’s schedule for the academic year 2079/2080

NEB’s schedule for the academic year 2079/2080:

The registration application form for students enrolled in class 11 should distribute by the end of the year 2079 Kartik.  Newly enrolled 11th-grade students must submit their registration paperwork by Paush 15th, 2079. The registration application form and late fee must submit by the middle of Paush 2079. And the receipts for the registration fee and late charge must receive by the end of Paush. Within 15 Magh 2079, the schools must submit the registration application form to the appropriate Board office. (If there is a difficulty with completing the student’s registration, the issue will be the school’s fault.)

The appropriate schools should distribute the Registration Certificate on the 15th of Falgun 2079 half-sheet in three copies. For students enrolled in class 12, the examination application form will be available at relevant schools starting on Paush 1st 2079. The individual campuses/schools will add a late charge to the examination application form from 2079 Magh 16 to 2079 Magh finish (double fee). By 15 Falgun 2079, schools must turn in the examination application form to the appropriate Board office. The class 12 yearly and class 11 (partial/grad increase) exams were held in 2080 Baishakh. Admissions cards and duplicate copies will be available at schools before the end of Falgun 2079.

Practical exam of Grades 11 & 12

By the end of Falgun 2079, the various schools/campuses must decide on the schedule for the practical examination for the topics for which the board will appoint an external examiner. This schedule must then be present to the appropriate office of the board. The Letter Grading Guide, 2078 states that students from the city who achieved the required grade in the internal assessment subject will not be permitted to take Bard’s upcoming annual examination. The class 12 practical/internal evaluation will be finished/conducted by the middle of Chaitra 2079, and the results will be submitted to Bard’s relevant offices by the 15th of Baisakh.

The practical examination will be at the end of Baisakh 2080. And the relevant bards by the 15th of Jeshta 2080, for class 11 partial/grade increment examinees who enrolled in 2076 or before (the first two parts of the registration number are 76 or less). The offices will need to get the receipts.

NEB’s schedule for the academic year 2079/2080: examination methodology
a)    Yearly Examination 
  • The yearly examination for class 12 will be beginning in the second week of the month of Baisakh 2080.
  • The class 11 partial/grade increase exam will be beginning in the third week of the month of Baisakh in 2080.
  • From the final week of Jestha 2080, schools will administer the class 11 annual exams.
  • Grade-increment exam (supplementary)
  • Within 45 days of the date of publication, the results of Class 12 annual examination will announce.
b)   Grade-upgrading (supplemental) examination
  • Within 45 days of the exam date, the grade upgrade (supplementary) results for class 12 will public.
  • Within 15 days of publication of the result, candidates could submit their applications for reappointment.
  • Publication of re-evaluation findings – Within 45 days of the results’ original publication date (before the supplementary examination).


Note: – If there is a correction to the fee or a change in the decision on the fee, it will be made known to the applicant at the time of registration and application.

For more information, please view the PDF Grade 11-and-12-Annual-Exam-Schedule-for-Academic-Session-2079-080 below or NEB official Website ( –

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