National Examination Board (NEB) Announces +2 Results

The NEB 12th Result 2080 is scheduled to be published this week.

The National Examination Board (NEB), is also known as Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). It was established in 2016 replacing HSEB which was established in 1989 under the Higher Secondary Education Act. The National Examination Board (NEB) implemented a grading system for SEE and NEB exams. The new grading system for students uses a 4.0-point scale and ranges from Grade A to Grade E. The two criteria theory and practical marks are used to determine the NEB grading scheme.

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According to the NEB, around 4,67,389 students from 1,457 examination centers nationwide participated in the class 12 examination and more than 56,000 students participated this year.


How many marks is needed to pass NEB?

If you get less than 35% i.e., Less than 26.25 out of 75 full marks in a single subject, you will get NG in your mark sheet. It means non-Graded or Fail and you have to give a re-exam for that subject.

How to check NEB Results

  1. Type NEB <Space> Symbol Number and send an SMS to 31003 or 1600
  2. Go to the NEB Website,
  3. Go to the Ministry of education Website,
  4. Go to the Examination Control office Class 10 – Website:
  5. Go to Nepal Telecom’s website;
  6. To check NEB results through IVR) type 1600 or 1601 in namaste sim or landline call and follow the instructions.

If you face any problem with networking errors or more traffic on the website, just refresh the portal and try logging in again so that you can check your results easily.

You can to find out more information on the NEB examinations and the NEB results.


Some Careers options available after you have cleared your NEB exam. If you are looking for career options after your NEB results here are some options.


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