Mandatory Mobile IMEI Number Registration – Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Mandatory Mobile IMEI Number Registration – Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Important information on the full deployment of the Mobile Device Management System from the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. The Mobile Device Management System (MDMS). The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has tested and will be completely deployed. As of the 15th of Poush 2079 in order to deter and better control the unlawful import, sale, distribution, and usage of mobile devices.

According to the Customs Act of 2064, Nepalis traveling from outside are required. To disclose any mobile phones (with an IMEI number of 15 numbers). They bring for personal use but are not registered in the IMEI system or are not in use in Nepal before the Bhadra date of 2079. The functioning of mobile phone sets that have not disclosed to customs. Will likewise be prohibited as of Poush 15, 2079. And they will no longer be allowed to be registered. Mobile devices carried for personal use must only be registered on Based on a passport, national identity card, or another form of identification and a Customs Declaration Letter.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority owns the mobile set when it is purchased in Nepal. Mobile importers and sellers must have prior clearance from the authorities before importing mobiles since it is possible to buy/unregistered units in the MDMS system ( and purchase only by joining appropriately. This notice also informs the user that only mobile sales are delivered.

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What is the IMEI Number?

Every mobile phone that connects to a cellular network is given a special 15-digit identifier called an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. A unique mobile device is identified by its IMEI number, which may also be used to monitor if it is lost or stolen.

You can usually locate the IMEI number of a mobile phone in the settings of the device or by looking for a label with the IMEI number on the back of the phone. On an iPhone, open the “Settings” app, choose “General,” and then choose “About” to locate the IMEI number. On an Android smartphone, go to “Settings,” choose “About phone,” and then choose “Status” to obtain the IMEI number.

There are several reasons why the IMEI number is significant. To identify and verify devices that are linked to their network, for instance, mobile phone companies utilize it. If a device has an IMEI number linked to a stolen or lost device. A mobile phone carrier may in some situations prevent it from connecting to the network. Law enforcement can also use the IMEI number to trace down and find a stolen or lost device.

Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) – what is it?

A Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) is a piece of software that organizations may use to protect and control the use of mobile devices. Large fleets of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, that are used by employees at work are often managed using MDMS. MDMS is a crucial tool for businesses that rely on mobile devices to support their operations. Since it enables workers to be efficient and productive while also helping maintain these devices’ security and compliance.

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