Khwopa College

Khwopa College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and provides a variety of bachelor’s courses. The college was established in 1999 AD and is known to be the only community service-oriented college in the city.

Courses Offered


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW)

This program prepares students for careers in social work and related fields, where they assist individuals and communities with social, emotional, and welfare needs. Graduates can find employment as social workers, counselors, advocates, and in various helping professions.

Bachelor of Arts

This degree is typically awarded in fields such as humanities, social sciences, fine arts, or liberal arts. It focuses on a broad-based education, including subjects like literature, history, psychology, sociology, and more emphasizing critical thinking and communication skills.

Bachelor of Science in Physics (BSc PCM)

This degree’s program focuses on the study of physics, including topics like mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. It delivers a strong foundation in the principles and theories of physics, preparing students for careers in research, technology, or further study in physics-related fields.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSc ES)

This degree prioritizes the study of the environment, ecosystems, and the impact of human activities on the natural world. It covers areas such as ecology, conservation, pollution control, and sustainability, preparing students for careers related to environmental protection, management, and research.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Topics like entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, finance, and management information systems are included in this course’s curriculum. After getting a BBM degree, graduates can work in fields like financial institutions, sales marketing, production management, distribution, Hospitality, and Leisure.

Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)

BBS specializes majorly in practical exposure, rather than theoretical study. Various business courses are integrated with realistic and industry-based to build sound business ideas in the course. Students have the opportunity to focus on areas such as management, accounting, marketing, and information systems.


Facilities Offered

– Spacious Classrooms and Grounds for ECAs

– Transportation Services

– Libraries, Laboratories, Auditorium Halls

– Affordable fee structures


More About Khwopa College

Address: Dekocha, Bhaktapur
Contact Number:
Email Id:
[email protected]
Official Site:


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