One lakh 50 thousand people left Kathmandu in just three days

After the closure of most schools, colleges, and organizations since the day of Ghatasthapana started, people are returning to their hometowns from Kathmandu to celebrate Dashain. The spokesperson for the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office, Rajendra Prasad Bhatta, has reported that over the past three days, a total of 150,309 individuals have left the valley. Only on Monday, 51 thousand 387 people have left the valley. Earlier, on October 27th, 47 thousand 643 and on October 14th, 51 thousand 279 people got out, according to traffic police data.

To facilitate the movement of passengers outside the valley, traffic police have set up passenger assistance rooms at 15 locations within the Kathmandu Valley. Spokesperson Bhatta also noted the deployment of 1,800 traffic policemen in the Kathmandu Valley to ensure smooth traffic flow during the festival.

The new bus park in Gongbu, Kathmandu, has also been bustling with homebound passengers heading home. Pankaj Malla, spokesperson of Lhotse Multipurpose Corporation, which has operated the new bus park, said that more than 25,000 passengers have started leaving the new bus park daily. Malla stated, “Long and medium-distance vehicles are experiencing high demand, with all bus departures from the new bus park happening earlier than usual.”

70,000 passengers have booked advance tickets for Dashain so far. The government has opened nationwide public vehicle route permits on October 13th to facilitate Dashainma traffic management. Saroj Sitaula, Senior Vice President of the National Association of Nepal Transport Businessmen, expects that a higher number of passengers will depart this year compared to the previous year. He also mentioned that the federation has added extra buses to make it easier for passengers to reach their destinations.

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