IPO Results or Allotment of Ingwa Hydropower Limited

IPO Results or Allotment of Ingwa Hydropower Limited

Are you looking for the IPO Results of Ingawa Hydropower Limited? If you are, then you are in the correct place.

The Ingwa Hydropower IPO result date will most likely be announced in the second week of May, which is following the issue closing date of 17 Baisakh 2080 at 5:00 PM. For the general public, the corporation has issued 12,68,639 units of shares.

The company previously issued 6,00,000 shares worth Rs. 6 crore to Taplejung District citizens who will be impacted by the project. Only 306,840 units, though, were distributed to qualified applicants.

The total number of units accessible to the public will be 14,93,160 after adding the remaining 293,160 units of unsubscribed shares of project-affected residents to the 12,00,000 units (20% of the issued capital is reserved for the general public).

Of the entire 14,93,160 units, 120,000 have already been approved and distributed to Nepalese citizens who live and work abroad. Corporate employees will receive 2% of the shares, or 29,863 units, while mutual funds will receive 5% of the shares, or 74,658 units.

And of the remaining units, 12,68,639 are distributed to the general population. 70% of the company’s shares are owned by the promoter owners in total. The business seeks to raise Rs 12.68 crore through this IPO.

According to CDSC, 994,624 applicants have filed applications for a total of 10,964,750 units. As a result, the problem has acquired 8.64 times more subscribers than it should have.

The minimum and maximum shares that the general public may fill up were 10 and 20,000, respectively. One share is priced at Rs. 100.

Short Details About the IPO Results or Allotment of Ingwa Hydropower Limited

Ingawa Hydropower Limited

Face Value Rs. 100
For Locals of Taplejung Districts 600000 Units of Share (Which only 306840 units were allotted)
Total Units of IPO for Public 14,93,160 Units of Share
For Nepalese Employee Working Abroad 1,20,000 Units of Share
For Mutual Fund 74,658 Units of Share
For Company’s Employee 29,863 Units of Share
For General Public 12,68,639 Units of Share
Applicants 9,94,624
Applied for 10,964,750 Units of Share
Oversubscribed by 8.64 Times Far
Issue Manager Sunrise Capital Ltd.
Minimum 10 Units
Maximum 20,000 Units
Opening Date 13th Baisakh 2080
Closing Date 17th Baisakh 2080
IPO Result date 2nd Week of May


The distribution of shares will take place through a lucky draw or lottery system. The applicants who submitted applications for the IPO between 13th Baisakh 2080 at 10:00 AM to 17th Baisakh 2080 at 5:00 PM will get the shares.

How Can I Check Ingwa Hydropower’s Results?

On the website of CDS and Clearing Limited or Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Ltd., you can check the Ingwa Hydropower result. The candidates can connect to Mero Share to view their results as well.

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