Full scholarships for 100 students

Full scholarships for 100 students. 

Mewar University Announces 100 Students from Devi Secondary School in Jhapa Will Receive Full Scholarships.

A complete scholarship will be provided to Devi Secondary School students from Birtamod for their higher education at Mewar University in India.

100 Nepalese students will receive full scholarships each year from the university in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India. 50 of whom will have completed the 10th grade and 50 of whom will have finished the 12th. Mewar University and Devi Secondary School have come to an agreement on this.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Gadiyar and Principal Ambika Shrestha, who visited Devi Secondary School in Birtamode 5, reached an understanding, according to teacher Umesh Sah. Dr. Gadia, the chancellor of Mewar University, announced that 100 Devi Secondary School students will get full scholarships.

According to Dr. Gadia, 50 students who successfully complete Class 10 will receive an annual scholarship worth Rs. 50 lakh, and 50 students who successfully complete Class 12 will receive an annual scholarship worth Rs. 1 crore.

He said that Mewar University will offer scholarships and send deserving students to study abroad in any nation where there is a higher standard of education. According to Dr. Gadia, Meward University is now offering scholarships in association with colleges in 20 different nations.

Devi Secondary School (Birtamode)

Devi Secondary School presently has about 4,000 students enroll. The University of Mewar has granted it affiliation. A member of the Association of Indian Universities, NAAC, has accredited it.

This University is approved by the All India Technical Education Council and the Indian Bar Council. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have also granted accreditation to the university.

The administrator of the school, Shrestha, expressed her satisfaction at the news that Mewar University will award scholarships to 100 of the kids who attend this location. She also pledged to continue working with Mewar University. She expressed her gratitude to Dr. Gadia and Mewar University for giving students the chance to pursue higher education.

Every year, 20 teachers will receive training, according to Dr. Gadia. To give kids a high-quality education, teachers need also be qualified. We also set up teacher training so they can deliver high-quality instruction,’ Dr. Gadiyal added. The education will benefit from the training.

Mewar University (Rajasthan)

Dr. Gadia claims that the majority of low-income parents’ children attend public schools, and Mewar University offers scholarships to deserving and needy students to avoid a scenario in which these parents’ kids are denied an education owing to a lack of funding. According to reports, Mewar University enrolls students from 20 different nations on the planet and 29 different Indian states.

There are about 11,000 students enrolled in this institution. According to Dr. Gadia, 90 percent of them are from low-income homes. He said that, if they wanted work, the scholarship recipients would also offer positions in their own businesses. Devi Secondary School offers exceptional instruction despite being a government (community) school, according to Dr. Gadia, who is president of Mewar Institute of Management.

Important Word: -Full scholarships for 100 students. 
  1. 100 Nepalese students from Devi Secondary School Birtamod are receiving full scholarships from Mewar University in India.
  2. The scholarship will be available to 50 students who finished Class 10 and 50 students who passed Class 12.
  3. The scholarships each have a value of Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore.
  4. Scholarships will be offered by Mewar University to those who wish to pursue higher education abroad.
  5. To avoid depriving youngsters of low-income households of an education, Mewar University offers scholarships.
  6. The University of Mewar, NAAC, Bar Council of India, All India Technical Education Council, and National Assessment and Accreditation Council all grant accreditation to Devi Secondary School in Birtamod.
  7. In addition to expressing her gratitude to Mewar University for giving students the chance to pursue higher education, principal Ambika Shrestha also expressed her satisfaction.
  8. Mewar University will annually educate 20 teachers from Devi Secondary School to deliver high-quality instruction to pupils.

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