Final Preparation Announced by NEB for Class 12 Examination 2080

Final Exam Preparation Announced by NEB for Class 12

The final stages of class 12th annual examination preparations have been declared by the National Examination Board (NEB), marking a significant achievement for pupils. Approximately 467,389 students have successfully completed the examination forms, displaying their dedication to academic achievement.

The next test, which is set to start on Baishakh 26, 2080 (9th May 2023), will be a significant opportunity for these pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. The NEB meticulously finished the job of selecting testing sites for the class 12 annual exams this year, assuring a seamless and well-organized procedure.

The board’s chairman, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, expressed his happiness with the development and said that the hiring procedure for center presidents, inspectors, and other pertinent staff members has reached its conclusion. The NEB has effectively accomplished several crucial duties linked to the examination, aside from the technical parts.

More than 56,000 students are expect to take the grade improvement exam this year, which is an important milestone. Through this additional test, the students who scored the lowest in a given topic will have the chance to raise their ratings. This decision reflects a departure from earlier regulations, which mandated that students who received non-graded 9NG0 in three or more topics take tests in each subject.

This modification resulted from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology updating the letter grading standards in 2078.

Final Exam Preparation Announced by NEB for Class 12

Students who have obtained NG in more than two topics will only need to take the grade enhancement exam in those particular areas, according to the amended standards. Even though students may have completed test forms for all six topics, Chairman Dr. Sharma highlighted that they are only needed to sit for the exam in the subject for which they obtained an NG grade. This change intends to lighten the load on students while delivering a fair and effective evaluation system.

Before, students who obtained an NG grade in more than two topics had to sit the test for all subjects under the letter grading system put in place last year. However, this year, 56,000 students who had failed the grade improvement exam last year had to face the task of taking exams in all courses. Education Minister Ashok Kumar Rai changed the rules in response to the National Examination Board’s recommendation after taking note of the probable rise in student dropout rates.

Because of these new advancements, students may now concentrate their efforts on the topic in which they hope to raise their marks, resulting in a more focused and successful preparation for the next class 12th annual test.

It is clear that the NEB is commit to fair evaluation and offering chances for academic progress, underscoring the importance of ongoing development in the educational system.

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