e-Pension Online Service Launched by Rastriya Kitabkhana

e-Pension Online Service Launched by Rastriya Kitabkhana. Rastriya Kitabkhana created the e-Pension online service with the well-being of workers who will retiring from the civil service in mind. The program, which was first tried out from Lalitpur a month ago. Has now set up to allow online pension applications even from outlying areas.

The idea of e-Pension establish. According to Sangeeta Ojha, acting director general of the library, in order to make the service quick, and effective. And technologically friendly in light of the rising interest in information technology.

This idea will put an end to the inconvenience of needing to travel a great distance to the capital to gather numerous pension-related documents. From the time that teachers, police officers, and other public employees were hired until they retired. The library has kept all of its records. According to the Civil Service Act and Regulations. Those who have completed more than 20 years of service are entitled to a pension. while those with fewer years are given a gratuity.

Three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five employees retired in the fiscal year 2078–1979. According to library records. According to records, 88,000 government employees have already retire. As the nation’s permanent government. The records of government employees, educators, and police officers are also kept by this office.

According to Rastriya Kitabkhana (Nijamati) information officer Prakashjang Karki. The process of accepting applications for pensions from retiring personnel in all districts of the nation through an online form start on Friday.

e-Pension Online Service Launched by Rastriya Kitabkhana

The documents need for a pension plan will make known to employees who are set to retire in advance. And depending on that, those documents can submit online using technology from the location where they are staying.

The entire process will complet instantly once the relevant person’s photo, thumbprint, and office seal are. And the facility of taking/getting is validate once the concept is put into effect. Allowing for the online preparation of all the documents in advance. However, Ojha, the acting director general, asserted that due to some people’s lack of trust and confidence in information technology. Both conventional and electronic pension systems will remain in use.

In the areas of administration, agriculture, economic planning and statistics, forestry, education, health, miscellaneous, engineering, justice, foreign affairs, auditing, and legislative services. There are now 136 000 332 positions available. There are 86,194 people employe in such service at the moment, 23,712 of whom are women.

The appointment, citizenship, educational requirement, transfer, promotion, leave, departmental action, a record of service duration, and awards obtained have all been included in the library’s details.

The agency handles gratuities, pensions, parental pensions, medical care, insurance, accumulated leave, disability benefits, and child benefits, among other things. Due to the fact that only federal civil service employees are retiring, even if all the paperwork will be gathered online, it is still necessary to visit the library to create the pension plan.

By passing its own legislation, the state can launch this service. The library has currently incorporated 90% of the technology into software in order to gradually convert the archives into an electronic system.

e-Pension Online Service Launch

This historically significant office was establish and grew as it oversaw the hiring of personnel needed for the nation’s administration. Currently, there are 79,543 positions in the Nepal Police, and there are 37,100 positions in the Armed Police Force of Nepal, according to data from Rastriya Kitabkhana.

In a similar vein, there are 78,911 primary school teachers, 16,224 lower secondary teachers, and 12,725 secondary school teachers.

The library gives a signal number for the identification of the personnel entering the civil service or the military after passing the civil service examination and adding their name to the seat roll. The aforementioned employee is known by that number when they are working. The recently implemented online system by the library allows the concerned individual to examine his personal information based on a signal number, but it does not allow for editing.

It has discover that certain people’s pension periods exceed their job periods. Per the records of the aforementioned office. Despite the fact that polygamy is illegal. It is clear that certain people’s multiple wives provide an issue for the transfer of rights.

The financial burden on the state will somewhat lessen if the transfer of rights is stop. According to the acting director general, it raises the critical question of how frequently it has raise.

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