Divya Girls Hostel

Divya Girls Hostel is one of the best girls’ hostels located in Ghattekulo, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Google review about this girl’s hostel is good. It is the best hostel for girls who are away from home. Girls easily complain if the rooms are not clean so the warden focuses on keeping the rooms and environment clean.

The hostel is suitable for college girls, as they can save time and transport costs. A laundry facility is provided two days a week. The warden cares about the health of the girls and provides fresh food. Girls coming in groups are given a certain discount. The hosteler girls celebrate some festivals such as holy, Teej, Janai Purnima, etc with the warden and owner. The warden serves girls with special food on that day.

About Divya Girls Hostel

Name: Divya Girls Hostel
Type: Girls Hostel
Address: Ghattekulo, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 984-9649403

Infrastructure & Facilities:

• Homely Environment
• Hygienic Food
• Well Furnished Rooms
• 24/7 Light & Water
• Internet
• Laundry


Best Girls Hostel in Ghattekulo

Divya Girls Hostel is one of the best girls’ hostels in the Ghattekulo area. This hostel can be best for job holders & student girls. Girls can save time as well as vehicle costs. Those girls who prefer peace and a friendly environment can stay here.

The hostel owner offers discounts to girls who come in groups. Also, free admission during some festive seasons is offered by the hostel owner. There is a home-like environment as the warden treats all the girls as family members. They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner in a fixed period to maintain discipline among the girls. It has well-furnished rooms including a comfortable bed, cupboard, study table, and shoe rack.

Location Map of the hostel

Land Mark: Ghattekulo, Kathmandu, Nepal

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