Class 12 Exam Routine 2079-2080 NEB 2023 (All Faculty) | NEB Class 12 Exam Routine 2080 | Class 12 Routine 2080

The Rastriya Pariksha Board (National Examination Board) has published the Class 12 Exam Routine 2079-2080 (2023) for all faculties, including Science, Management, Education, Humanity, Law, and Sanskrit. The exam is set to begin on Baisakh 26 of 2080, and the exam time is from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

The Class 12 board exam 2079/2080 is just around the corner, and students are gearing up for the upcoming challenge. This exam plays a crucial role in determining the future of students as it is a gateway to various opportunities that are waiting for them. The exam will be held in different centers, and NEB will soon publish the exam center for all colleges. The exam for full credits will be conducted like last year.

Faculty Wise Class 12 Exam Schedule (routine 2023)

Class 12 Exam Routine 2079-2080 Management Faculty

Under the Management Faculty new course, the exams will commence with Compulsory English on 26th Baisakh 2080, followed by Compulsory Nepali, Social Studies, Accounting, Economics/Marketing, Business Studies, and Computer Science/Business Mathematics/Hotel Management/Finance.

2080/01/26- C. ENGLISH

2080/01/27- C. NEPALI

2080/01/29- SOCIAL STUDIES

2080/01/31- ACCOUNTING

2080/02/02- ECONOMICS/ Marketing


2080/02/05- Computer Science/ Business Mathematics/ Hotel Management/ Finance

Class 12 Exam Routine 2079-2080 Education Faculty

Similarly, under the Education Faculty, the exams will start with Compulsory English, followed by Compulsory Nepali, Social Studies, Pedagogy, Optional English, Economics/Optional Nepali, Education, and Development, and Optional Mathematics/Health and Physical.

2080/01/26- Comp. English

2080/01/27 – Comp. Nepali

2080/01/29 – Social

2080/01/31 – Pedagogy

2080/02/01 – Opt. English

2080/02/02 – Eco. / Opt. Nepali

2080/02/04 – Education & Dev.

2080/02/05 – Opt. Mathematics/ Health & Physical

Class 12 Exam Schedule 2079-2080 Science Faculty

Under the Science Faculty, the exams will commence with English, followed by Nepali, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.

2080/01/26 – English

2080/01/27 – Nepali

2080/01/29 – Mathematics

2080/01/31 – Physics

2080/02/02 – Chemistry

2080/02/04 – Biology

2080/02/05 – Computer Science

Law Faculty

The Law Faculty will begin with English, followed by Nepali, Social Studies, Nepalese Legal System, Civil and Criminal Law and Justice, Legal Drafting, and General Law.

2080/01/26 – English

2080/01/27 – Nepali

2080/01/29 – Social

2080/01/31 – Nepalese Legal System

2080/02/02 – Civil & Criminal Law & Justice

2080/02/04 – Legal Drafting

2080/02/05 – General Law

Civil Engineering Faculty

For the Civil Engineering Faculty, the exams will start with English, followed by Mathematics, Social Studies, Physics, Construction Management, Chemistry, MOS, FM, and RCC.

2080/01/26 – English

2080/01/27- Mathematics

2080/01/29- Social

2080/01/31- Physics

2080/02/01- Construction Management

2080/02/02- Chemistry

2080/02/03- MOS

2080/02/04- FM

2080/02/05- RCC.

Humanities Faculty

Under the Humanities Faculty, the exams will begin with Compulsory English and Compulsory Nepali, followed by Compulsory Social Studies and Life Skills, RD/History, Optional Economics/Optional Nepali, Optional English, Geography/Sociology/Linguistics/Political Sciences, and Mathematics.

2080/02/16 – Compulsory English

2080/02/17 – Compulsory Nepali

J2080/02/18 – Compulsory Social Studies & Life Skill

2080/02/20 – RD/History

2080/02/22 – Opt. Economics/Opt. Nepali

2080/02/23 – Opt. English

2080/02/24 – Geography/Sociology/Linguistics/Political Science

2080/02/25 – Mathematics


NEB Class 12 Exam Routine 2080 pdf link View & Download Now

NEB Class 12 Exam Routine 2080 pdf link


The class 11 examination, which was previously conducted by the board, has been handed over to the concerned schools.

It is crucial for students to follow the exam routine and be prepared for the exams. They should revise their syllabus thoroughly and practice the previous year’s question papers to improve their performance. Additionally, students should take care of their health and stay stress-free during the exam period.



In conclusion, the Class 12 Exam Routine 2079-2080 (2023) published by the Rashtriya Pariksha Board includes all faculties and exam dates. Students should prepare well and perform their best to secure a bright future. The Class 12 board exam is just the first step towards a successful career. It is essential to choose a field based on your interests and aptitudes rather than on external pressures. Do not be afraid to explore different career options and choose a path that brings you joy and fulfillment.


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