Best Bachelor’s Colleges In Bhaktapur

Are you looking for the best colleges for a bachelor’s in Bhaktapur? Here is the list of the top colleges for a Bachelor’s in Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is a charming district and is the smallest district of Nepal out of 77 districts of Nepal. Bhaktapur is very rich in history and culture most of the tourists in Nepal visit Bhaktapur. The population of the districts is large compared to size, hence the necessity of college is a must in Bhaktapur. Now let’s move to our topic List of the best bachelor colleges in Nepal.

#1 Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

One of the best colleges for a bachelor in Bhaktapur is Bhaktapur Multiple Campus. The date of establishment was Kartik 19,2019. After the establishment of this college, everyone noticed its progress. After a lot of hard work, it got recognized as a degree college. The educational progress was seen in 2030 BS. This campus is constructed in a total area of 51 Ropani, 11 Aana. In 2041 Kartik 19 bs, it celebrated its silver jubilee. In 2066 kartik 19 B.S it celebrated its golden jubille. This college is TU affiliated college located on Nagarkot Road, Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

Courses offered in Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Masters in Arts in Nepali
  • Master of Arts in Rural Development
  • SC. Computer Science and information technology
  • Bachelor of science general
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Science
  • Master of Business studies


#2 Samriddhi College

One of the best IT colleges in Bhaktapur especially for bachelor’s degrees is Samriddhi College.  This college is a TU-affiliated college. It provides the academic qualification of both eastern and western traditions.  The establishment of this college in 2013 AD. It consists of three faculties with three courses, with both eastern and western traditions.  The establishment of this college in 2013 AD. It consists of a total of three faculties with three courses.

Samriddhi College- Bhaktapur

Courses offered at Samriddhi College

  • BBS
  • BSW
  • BCA


#3 Khwopa college- Best Bachelor’s College In Bhaktapur

This college is a non-profitable organization established in 2001 by the people of Bhaktapur. The main aim of this college is to provide quality education to students with affordable fees. It is located in Dekocha, Bhaktapur. It is TU affiliated college that runs three major faculties that are science, Humanities, and management. This is also considered one of the best Bachelor’s colleges in Bhaktapur.

Khwopa college- Bhaktapur Best Bachelors college

Courses offered at Khwopa college

  • SC. in Environmental Science science 2001
  • SC. in physics, chemistry, and math since 2005
  • SC in Physics, Statistics, and math science 2006
  • Bachelor in Business studies science 2001
  • Bachelor of Arts since 2005
  • Bachelor of Management since 2018
  • SC. in Environmental Science since 2005
  • Master in Business Studies since 2006
  • Master of Arts in English since 2007
  • Master of Arts in Economics since 2008


#4 Swastik College

This college was founded in 2013 to facilitate students.It is located in chardobato, Bhaktapur. This college is by a team of young entrepreneurs and academicians. Swastik college aims to build a center of academic excellence through theory and practice. It is a TU-affiliated college. Swastik colleges run bachelor’s programs in the field of IT.

Swastik College Bhaktapur

Courses offered at Swastik college

  • BCA

#5 Kathmandu College of Technology

The main objective of this college is to provide an excellent education for students through academic programs and research. This college was formerly known as samajik college. Its located in lokanthali, Bhaktapur. The college provides fully equipped computer laboratories for students. Kathmandu College provides both theoretical and practical knowledge for students.

Kathmandu College of Technology

Course affiliated at Kathmandu College for Technology.

  • BCA

#6 Nepal Engineering College

This college link with organizations and institutions in different parts of the world. NEC is located in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur. It is a non-profitable institute established in 1994. It provides the best environment for the teaching and learning process. NEC is the best bachelor’s college in Bhaktapur. It has linkage with  many states listed as:

  • Ball State University, USA
  • Tarleton State University, Texas
  • Imperial College, London
  • Ehime University, Japan

Nepal Engineering College- Bhaktapur

Courses affiliated with Nepal Engineering College

  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering for Diploma
  • Bachelor in Civil and Rural Engineering
  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Master in Transportation Engineering and Management
  • Master in construction management
  • Master in Natural Resources Management
  • Master in Interdisciplinary Water Resources Management

Conclusion on Best Bachelor’s Colleges In Bhaktapur

I hope you have some insights on Best Bachelor’s Colleges In Bhaktapur, if there is any things pls do let us know in the comment section. To summarize the list here are the top colleges for bachelor’s studies in Bhaktapur.

  1. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus
  2. Cambridge College
  3. Khwopa College
  4. Kathmandu College of Technology
  5. Nepal Engineering College
  6. Swastik College


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