Bal Bagan Montessori School

Bal Bagan Montessori School is a private children’s education institute run by committed and experienced teachers and staff. It is located at Jaljale, Udayapur, Nepal. This Montessori has been offering child education from the age of two to four years. Playgroup and nursery classes are available at this Montessori. It offers a beautiful setting where students can learn at their own pace.

The Montessori educational approach places a high value on the human spirit and the stress-free growth of the whole child, including their physical, emotional, social, and cerebral development. Music, dance, and art are essential components of the curriculum at this Montessori school.

About This Montessori School

Name: Bal Bagan Montessori School
Establishment: NA
Medium: English | Nepali
Address: Jaljale, Udayapur, Nepal
Contact: 035-411203
Type: Pre School | Nursery School


  • Playground
  • Internet
  • Transport
  • Garden
  • Swimming Pool
  • Music Hall
  • Park & Toys
  • ECA
  • Food & Snacks Hall
  • Kitchen

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Best Montessori in Udayapur

Bal Bagan Kindergarten is one of the best schools located in Jaljale, Udayapur. It has a reputation as a good Montessori school with experience. Teachers are well-trained and educated, and they possess special skills for handling children with care. The child gets food at their school. It has a minimal fee structure according to its facilities.

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Location Map of The Montessori School

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