The full form of B.A.LL.B. is Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law is a 5 years bachelor program offered by various universities in Nepal. Tribhuvan University, Purbanchal university & Kathmandu university offer B.A.LL.B. in Nepal. There are various law colleges in Nepal that offers the BALLB program in Nepal. This is a very professional graduation course in the field of law. Once you pass the exam you will get a license for legal practicing after passing Nepal Bar Council Exam. A few years back there were very few students studying Law in Nepal. Now, the mindset has changed, and students are attracted to this course in Nepal.

Every firm, organization, industry, and corporation needs people who know the law as it applies to them. Law graduates are highly regarded by employers both within and outside the legal profession. Students develop sophisticated research, analysis, reasoning, and writing skills that are highly prized in many professions.

Tribhuvan University Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws Syllabus or Curriculum

Course Duration: 5 Years

B.A.LL.B. First Year

Course Code No. Course Title
PS. 351 Political Science
So. An 352 Sociology and Anthropology
Hist. 353 History
L. Eng.354 Legal English
L. Nep.355 Legal Nepali
Eng. 356 English (in Lieu of Legal Nepali for Foreigner)
Law 357 Legal Method
Law 358 Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal System
S.Eng359 Seminar in English


B.A.LL.B. Second Year

Course Code No. Course Title
PS. 375 International Relations and Diplomacy
Eco 376 Economics
SW 377 Social Work
Law 378 Jurisprudence
Law 379 Constitutional Law
Law 380 Procedural Law
Law 381 Media Law
Law 382 Fiscal Law
Law 383 International Trade law
Law 384 Equity and Torts
Law 385 Law and Social Welfare


B.A.LL.B. Third Year

Course Code No. Course Title
Law 451 Criminal Law
Law 452 Public International Law
Law 453 Law of Contract
Law 454 Property Law
Law 455 Method of Legal Research and Writing
Law 456 Law of Evidence
Law 457 Clinical Law-I Alternative Dispute Resolution
Law 458 Seminar -1
Law 459 Election Law
Law 460 International Air and Space Law
Law 461 Refugee law
Law 462 Gender and Inclusive Justice
Law 463 Law, Poverty, and Development


B.A.LL.B. Fourth Year

Course Code No. Course Title
Law 551 Administrative law
Law 552 Family Law
Law 553 Environment Law
Law 554 Criminology and Penology
Law 555 Taxation Law
Law 556 Labour Law
Law 557 Moot court, Pre-trial Preparation, and Participation in Trial
Law 558 Clinical Law-II Litigation Advocacy
Law 559 Seminar -II
Law 560 Socio-Economic Crime
Law 561 Forensic Science
Law562 Law of the Sea & International River
Law 563 Private International Law
Law 564 Law of Insurance


B.A.LL.B. Fifth Year

Course Code No. Course Title
Law 581 International Institution and Human Rights
Law 582 Company and Corporation Law
Law 553 Juvenile Delinquency
Law 584 Interpretation of Statutes
Law 585 Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments
Law 586 Professional Ethics and Lawyering Skills
Law 587 Clinical Law-III Project Work
Law 588 Seminar III
Law 589 Dissertation
Law 590 Victimology
Law 591 Forensic Medicine
Law592 Intellectual Property Law
Law 593 Cyber Law
Law 594 Population Law
Law 595 International Humanitarian Law


Purbanchal University B.A.LL.B. Syllabus

Course Duration: 5 Years

First-Year BALLB Curriculum

  1. Political Theory Thoughts
  2. Nepalese Economics
  3. History of Nepal
  4. Sociology
  5. Fundamental Management
  6. General Principles of Law
  7. General Concepts of Law
  8. Theories of Logic
  9. Clinical Work (Practical Course)

Second-Year BALLB Curriculum

  1. Legal English
  2. Legal Nepali
  3. International Relations and Diplomacy
  4. International Organizations
  5. Legislative Principles & Law-Making Process
  6. Principles of Rules of Procedural Law
  7. Sociology of Law
  8. Criminal Law
  9. Clinical Course (Practice Course) Visit of Jail and Preparation of the Report on Sentencing System and Reforms

Third-Year B.A.LL.B. Curriculum

  1. International Human Rights Law
  2. Principles of Interpretation (Interpretation of Statutes)
  3. Law of Evidence
  4. Public International Law
  5. Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism
  6. Legal Research
  7. Professional Ethics
  8. Clinical Legal Education: Effective Legal Writing Civil Case
  9. Clinical Work: Advocacy Service to Community (Outreach Program)

Fourth-Year BALLB Curriculum

  1. Clinical Education: Community Outreach and Rural Law Advocacy Service
  2. Advance Jurisprudence
  3. Contract Law
  4. Company Law
  5. Clinical Legal Education: Effective Legal Writing Criminal Case

Optional Subjects

Criminal Law Group

  1. Forensic Science and Medicinal Jurisprudence
  2. Criminology and Penology

Business Law Group

  1. Banking and Insurance Law
  2. International Trade Law and Arbitration

Constitutional Law Group

  1. Laws on Good Governance
  2. Electoral Law

Environment and Development Law Group

  1. Environmental Law
  2. Water & River Law

Fifth-Year B.A.LL.B. Curriculum

  1. Legal Philosophy
  2. Agrarian Law
  3. Labor Law
  4. International Humanitarian Law and Conflict Resolution
  5. Conservation Law
  6. Private International Law
  7. Pre-Trial Presentation, Trial Advocacy, and Appellate Advocacy
  8. Clinical Education Course: Legal Professionalism Development
  9. Dissertation + Internship

Optional Subjects

Criminal Law Group

  1. Law Against Organized Crime
  2. Fiscal Crime Law

Business Law Group

  1. Intellectual Property
  2. Tax Law

Constitutional Law Group

  1. Law of Equity Torts & Consumer Protection
  2. Gender and Disadvantaged Groups Law

Environment and Development Law Group

  1.  Energy Law
  2. Civil Aviation and Tourism Law

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