7 Must-Play Card Games During Dashain

Dashain, a major festival in Nepal, is a time of joy, celebration, and family reunions. Alongside traditions like tika and family gatherings, card games hold a special place during this festive period. They bring together family and friends, fostering stronger bonds and creating cherished memories. Here are some of the popular card games often enjoyed during Dashain:


Fanash is a simple yet inclusive card game that everyone can enjoy. It’s a delightful addition to Dashain festivities, suitable for the whole family. No specific skills are required, making it a common favorite. The game is a bridge across generations, promoting unity and camaraderie. Players are dealt three cards face-down, and the competition heats up as cards are revealed one by one. The player with the highest card combination wins, adding a friendly competitive element. Fanash’s simplicity and potential for friendly betting make it a perfect choice for festive gatherings.

Julaamchor (Chase the Joker)

In this intriguing card game, a card, usually a joker, is secretly selected and concealed. Players take turns creating sets of cards in an attempt to unveil the elusive “chased” card. The suspense and surprise element make it a Dashain favorite. The game is easy to learn, making it widely enjoyed. At the start, a card is secretly chosen and hidden. Players take turns forming sets of cards and laying them down. With the remaining cards, players take turns selecting cards from their nearest player to create matches and empty their hands. Eventually, they play to reveal the joker or the “chased” card, keeping the surprise until the end.

In Between

In Between is another exciting and popular card game. It involves calculated bets on whether a third card drawn will fall between two initial cards dealt. Players place bets within an agreed limit, eagerly awaiting the reveal of the third card. Cheers or groans of victory or defeat follow, depending on whether the third card matches the value of the first two cards. Those who bet ‘out’ win and receive their bets, while those who bet ‘in’ lose their wager if the third card falls outside the range of the first two.

Jutpatti (Rummy/Skip-Bo)

Jutpatti, known by different names, is a game of sequencing and strategic moves. Players begin with a set number of cards, usually seven, and aim to create specific card combinations, such as sets of two. The gameplay involves drawing and discarding cards, requiring skill and strategy to organize one’s hand optimally. The player who can form four sets of two with the final drawn card claims victory. A similar gameplay can also be seen in Rummy/Skip-Bo.


Kitty is a game of creativity, quick thinking, and high excitement. Five players aim to create unique combinations within three rounds, striving to outdo each other. Each round culminates in discarding three cards. The player with the most compelling combinations wins, injecting excitement and friendly competition into Dashain gatherings. The best-of-three format and the addition of bets make Kitty a lively and entertaining choice for Dashain celebrations.


Marriage, a card game combining skill and strategy, is a Dashain staple. The game begins with three decks of cards meticulously shuffled, setting the stage for intense competition. Each player receives 21 cards and embarks on the mission of creating runs or three-of-a-kind combinations in the same suit. The player who efficiently organizes their remaining cards first emerges as the victor, showcasing nuanced gameplay and making Marriage an exciting Dashain option.


For a fresh twist on festivities, try Uno. It’s a beloved and popular card game, especially among the younger members of the family during Dashain gatherings. The goal is simple: be the first to empty your hand. Players start with seven cards, taking turns matching cards by color or number to keep the game going. The player left with just one card calls out “UNO.” Using power and special cards, the aim is to thwart others’ efforts to clear their hands. Enjoyed by all, Uno adds a modern touch to Dashain celebrations.

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