When is Nepali Constitution Day?

The Nepali Constitution Day marks the adoption of the constitution, which was composed of delegates elected by the people in the Constituent Assembly on the third of Ashoj in the year 2072 BS (2015 AD). It marks the celebration of the adoption of Nepal’s 2015 Constitution, which formally solidified the nation’s transition from a constitutional monarchy to a federal republic. It is declared a public holiday in Nepal on this day every year.

On this particular day, you can look forward to events such as political gatherings with patriotic speeches, the prominent display of the Nepali flag, buildings lit up in the same manner as for the Deepawali Festival, and public assemblies featuring traditional music, dance, and various cultural exhibitions.

History of Nepali Constitution Day

Nepal was a kingdom from 1768 to 2006 when the monarchy was abolished following a decade-long Nepalese Civil War. After the end of the conflict, an interim constitution was kept to guide the nation during a transitional phase. The Interim Constitution of Nepal remained in force from 2007 until 2015.

The present Constitution was formulated by the Legislature-Parliament of Nepal, which is also referred to as the 2nd Nepalese Constituent Assembly. This assembly was established in 2013 after the initial Nepalese Constituent Assembly, the 1st one could not successfully pass a new constitution. The introduction of this new constitution led to protests as certain ethnic groups felt it failed to address the demands of marginalized communities. Additionally, there was controversy over the citizenship rules.

Despite the controversy, Nepal’s Constitution was adopted and officially became effective on 20th September 2015, with approximately 90% of the members of the Legislature-Parliament of Nepal casting their votes in support of the new Constitution. The anniversary of its adoption led to the establishment of a public holiday named Constitution Day.

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