Vacancy Notice for Various Positions in Health Insurance Board, Kathmandu

Government of Nepal, Health Insurance Board Kathmandu Nepal: Health Insurance Board (HIB) has published a vacancy announcement for interested candidates who met the required qualification for the post as per the details. This notice (First Notice) publishes on 30 Bhadra 2079.

Vacancy Details are below: –

S.N. Post Name Level & Service, Group/sub-Group Required Candidates
1. Health Economics 9th  Level(Health 1 (One)
2. Medical Officer 8th Level (Health) 3
3. Health Economics 8th Level (Health) 1 (One)
4. IT Developer 8th  Level (Health) 1 (One)
5. Chartered Accountant 8th Level (Accounting) 1 (One)
6. Nursing Officer (General) 7th Level 7 (Seven)
7. Pharmacy Officer 7th Level (Health) 4 (Four)
8. Lab Technologist 7th Level (Health) 1 (One)
9. Public Health Officer 7th Level (Health) 4 (Four)
10. Health Education Officer 7th Level (Health) 1 (One)
11. Actuarial Officer 7th Level (Health) 1 (One)
12. Information Technology Assistant 5th Level (Non-Gazetted First 1 (One)
Vacancy of Health Insurance Board

Official Notice is given below: – Vacancy Notice for Various Positions

Vacancy in NEA


About Health Insurance Board (HIB)

The Government of Nepal’s Health Insurance Board (HIB) is a social protection program that aims to give its citizens access to high-quality medical care without putting a financial burden on them. The government, communities, and households all have a direct stake in this program. By combining prepayment, risk pooling, and mutual aid, the health insurance program helps people avoid going into poverty as a result of health care costs, such as catastrophic expenditures due to accidents or disease. Additionally, this program promotes the use of high-quality medical care. As a means of achieving Universal Health Coverage, this program makes an effort to address obstacles to the use of health services and ensure equity and access for underprivileged and poor groups. In Nepal, personal spending has always been the main source of funding, followed by public spending. Since OOP is the most unethical and regressive method of financing health services, numerous studies, assessments, and reviews of the industry have long called for interventions to reduce it.

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