Uniglobe College

Uniglobe College was established in 2009, located at New Baneshwor Kathmandu Nepal. Uniglobe College provides a (BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration, (BBA-BI) Bachelor of Business Administration- Banking and Insurance, (MBA-Finance) Master of Business Administration-Finance, (MBA) Masters in Business Administration programs. The college was established to provide good knowledge in the management field. The mission of this college is to develop managers, entrepreneurs, research, and market leaders through market-friendly accessible flexible, and innovative academic programs.

About Uniglobe College

Name: Uniglobe College
Contact Numbers: +977-1-4115690, 4115569
Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Affiliation By: Pokhara University (PU)

Course Offered

1. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programs covers 4 academic years spread over 8 semesters and 126 credit hours. BBA focuses on one or more areas of business, such as economics, real estate, e-business, or international business. Bachelor in Business Administration BBA scopes in different sectors like Banking, Finance, Marketing, Human resources, operating, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more.

2. Bachelor in Business Administration Banking Insurance (BBA-BI)

The BBA-BI program is a four-times bachelor’s degree program spread over eight semesters. Students are needed to enroll in designated courses every semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 contact hours. Student needs to complete coursework, project work, and training to graduate. Scopes of BBA- BI studies in Banking, Finance, Insurance, General Business administration, and Other related areas.

3. Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Master in Business Administration (MBA) helps to prepare individuals for careers in management in all sorts of industries such as Health, Information, Technology, Manufacturing, agriculture, Banking and Finance, textiles, and trading wherever data-driven discussion-making is required. Its program scopes are Healthcare and Hospital Manager, Data analytics, entrepreneur, Materials Manager, Sports Manager, Advertising Manager, and so on.

4. Master in Business Administration (MBA) in finance

MBA in finance is an internationally respected business qualification. Develop a strategic understanding of all aspects of managing a successful business. MBA in finance programs graduates can explore a wide range of promising career opportunities in the government and non-government sectors. Such as Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, Hedge Fund manager, Stock Trader, Equity Analyst so on.

Facilities Offered

  1. Cafeteria
  2. Library
  3. Sports and recreation
  4. Computer lab and internet
  5. Good environment
  6. Auditorium Hall
  7. Information Resource Center

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