Unexpected Closing of Routine of Nepal Banda

The unexpected decision by Victor Poudel, the founder of ‘Routine of Nepal Banda’ (RONB), to unpublish the popular Facebook page has raised several questions on the future of the beloved satirical platform and its impact on Nepalese internet culture.

On the evening of September 3, 2023, Victor Poudel who is the creative force behind the renowned Facebook page ‘Routine of Nepal Banda’(RONB), shocked the community of Nepal by announcing a plan to unpublish the page. Over 2.8 million followers of the popular satirical website were left perplexed and worried about the future as this shift sent shockwaves across the online community.

Routine of Nepal Banda is the pillar of Nepalese culture for ten years. The page struck a chord with Nepalese youth and adults because of its reputation for its funny and sarcastic take on daily life. RONB is more than a Facebook page; it is a digital institution which had a tremendous impact on the nation’s online comedy and social dialogue by making fun of cultural oddities and bringing humor to serious concerns.

Poudel explained his reasons for making the surprise choice in the statement, citing a desire to try on new things and a goal for personal development. However, Netizens have alleged KMC Mayor Shah’s favor in order to save him from criticism. RONB owner Victor Poudel is a close friend of KMC Mayor Shah and the popular Facebook page ‘Routine of Nepal Banda’ which has 4 million followers has been constantly promoting the activities of KMC. However, the page shut down.

The rapid growth of the page since its launch in 2014 has been amazing. The page hasn’t just been a venue for entertainment, but millions of people found comfort in laughing, companionship, and opportunities for cultural reflection. RONB has become the most popular website because of its exceptional capacity to capture the spirit of Nepalese life.

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