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I can provide home tuition to school level students for specially math and science subject who live near my area...

Science, Science and Technology,
Tribhuvan University
2 Years

About Master of Science in Chemistry (MSc Chemistry) at Tribhuvan University

It's offered by Tribhuvan University. The Master of Science in Chemistry degree is for those students who want to understand and know the core concept of matters and their properties.

Chemistry basically provides concept and understanding on both the pure as well as the applied Science and theories and also covers key elements of disciplines like Physics, Biology and some other disciplines as well. This course generally deals with the compounds and the atoms and molecules with which they are made up of. Students learn about the composition, structure, properties, etc of atoms in a compound. They get to learn about different chemical reactions along with the existing force, energy and others in the chemical reaction which influences the matter or the compound present in the universe.

Students also perform the research-based activity in this postgraduate level of Chemistry. This strengthens their concept as well as provide them the experience and exposure needed in order to uplift their career path.

Why Master of Science in Chemistry?

  • Teach fundamental concept of Chemistry and its existence in the Universe
  • Teach about matters and several chemical reactions which bring variation in them
  • To teach about the different chemical reactions and their significance in the Universe
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of the tools, techniques, and the technologies used in the discipline
  • Research and practical based approach to study