“TU BIM Syllabus: A Comprehensive Guide for Students to Plan Their Semester”

“TU BIM Syllabus: A Comprehensive Guide for Students to Plan Their Semester”

If you’re looking for the TU BIM Syllabus, you’ve come to the correct place. Tribhuvan University is responsible for creating the syllabus.

The Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) degree at Tribhuvan University is aimed at offering students a thorough understanding of information technology and the range of sectors in which it is used.

The Tribhuvan University BIM syllabus for all eight semesters is thoroughly covered in this article. Students can plan and get ready for each semester’s homework and exams by adhering to the syllabus. The article also contains links that allow students to download the whole semester’s syllabus. For both present and potential BIM students at Tribhuvan University, this article is a useful resource.

The course contents, projects, and tasks are all thoroughly described in the Tu BIM semester syllabus for each subject. Clicking the links provided in the aforementioned points will take you to the whole semester’s curriculum.

Each student should understand the syllabus in order to have a thorough knowledge of what they will be studying. So that students may plan their activities for the entire semester in an appropriate manner, can know the types of questions.

The weighting of the marks according to the section, and the marks distribution of each topic. Here is the complete list of Tribhuvan University BIM Syllabus. You can View or Download the Curriculum below:

This All Syllabus is According to the 2021 BIM Syllabus.

PDF of BIM First Semester Syllabus

Students should learn English composition, computer information systems, digital logic design, management principles, and basic mathematics as part of their first semester of the BIM curriculum.

PDF of BIM Second Semester Syllabus

They have to take the Sociology for Business, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Business Communication, Structured Programming, Data Communication and Computer Network courses as part of their BIM 2nd semester curriculum.

PDF of BIM Third Semester Syllabus

They must learn Financial Accounting, Web Programming I, Java Programming I, Computer Organization, and Business Statistics as part of their third semester of the BIM curriculum.

PDF of BIM Fourth Semester Syllabus

The students should learn Cost and Management Accounting, Microeconomics, Data Structure and Algorithms using Java, Web Technology-II, and Database Management Systems as part of their BIM 4th semester curriculum.

BIM Fifth Semester Syllabus

Students are required to take Macro Economics, Computer Graphics, Java Programming – II, and Advanced Internetworking as part of their BIM 5th semester curriculum.

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BIM Sixth Semester Syllabus

They have to take courses in business finance, human resource management, the business environment in Nepal, software engineering, computer security, and cyber law as part of the BIM 6th semester curriculum.

BIM Seventh Semester Syllabus

Students learn about operations management, organizational behaviour, management information system, object-oriented analysis, business strategy, design and artificial intelligence as part of their BIM 7th semester course requirements.

BIM Eighth Semester Syllabus

Students must study Client Server Computing, Operating Systems, Data Mining, and Data Warehousing as part of the BIM 8th semester curriculum. They must also study IT Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, and Client Server Computing.

Here we are providing you also a Complete old BIM Syllabus.

BIM First Semester Syllabus

BIM Second Semester Syllabus

Bachelor in Information Management Third Semester Syllabus

BIM Fourth Semester Syllabus

Fifth Semester Syllabus

Sixth Semester Syllabus

Bachelor of Information Management 7th Semester Syllabus

Bachelor in Information Management Eighth Semester Syllabus

Finally, the BIM curriculum at Tribhuvan University offers students a thorough education in corporate information management. The eight-semester curriculum offers students a well-rounded knowledge of the industry by covering a variety of subjects. Including computer science, economics, accounting, and management. Students can arrange their activities and study for examinations appropriately by adhering to the curriculum and comprehending the weighting and marking structure.

The curriculum is widely available to students because of its availability in PDF format, giving them a road map for success in their BIM program. The BIM curriculum at Tribhuvan University gives students the chance to gain a variety of skills that are crucial in the dynamic and constantly changing corporate sector.

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