Tribhuvan University Free Student Union (FSU) Election Today

Tribhuvan University Free Student Union (FSU) Election Today | Tribhuvan University Free Student Union (FSU) Election is going to begin today. The Free Students Union (FSU) election is going to being today on the constituent and affiliated campuses, including the Central Campus of Tribhuvan University (TU), after a long 14-year break.

The voting will begin its way at 8:00 am and last until 4:00 pm. According to TU authorities, 1,040 affiliated campuses around the nation and 60 constituent colleges are participating in the FSU election.

So far, two constituent campuses and a few linked colleges have chosen the FSU leadership without any opposition. From 2065 BS, the FSU elections on the TU campuses was not held.

Elections for the Free Student Union (FSU) leadership are now open for voting. It will go on till 4:00 PM. A higher level of campus security is available in advance of the elections.

The selection of the FSU’s president, secretary, treasurer, and 50 % of its members will take place through a direct election process. The vice president, joint secretary, and 50% of the members will also be choose in a proportional manner.

A common group of students on campus is known as Swaviyu. Swaviyu is in charge of developing and carrying out various programs to safeguard students’ rights and interests. According to the institution, the timing of the results announcement would depend on the scenario and the number of students.

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