Top Law Colleges for (B.A.LL.B) Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws in Nepal

Top Law Colleges for (B.A.LL.B) Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws in Nepal


In this article, we will learn about the top law colleges in Nepal. Higher education in Nepal started after the establishment of Trichandra College in 1918. Before the establishment of Trichandra College, Higher education didn’t exist in Nepal. The formal Legal education in Nepal started in the year 1970 B.S (1913) with the establishment of “Shrestha Pathasala” which was an elementary school built with the purpose to produce trained junior level clerical manpower for the administration of justice in Nepal. Unfortunately, “Shrestha Pathasala couldn’t give the necessary theoretical and high-level legal knowledge to address the needs of the country. Soon after that, higher education in the legal field officially got started after the establishment of Law College in the year 2011 (B.S). by offering (LL.B) program. The newly introduced program was a replica of the Indian model which consisted of Indian legal materials and it was not contemporary at that time. However, after the establishment of Tribhuvan University in 1959, it introduced its LLB program encompassing Nepalese laws and legal principles. This new introduction gave an impetus to Nepal’s legal education goals. Hence, from there legal education started proliferating.  

Introduction to B.A.LL.B 

Top law colleges in Nepal (1)
Top law colleges in Nepal (1)
B.A.LL.B is a double degree program comprising both B.A. and LL.B degrees. Nepalese universities started to offer five-year B.A.LL.B. programs for three major reasons, they are: (a) To make Nepali legal education relevant in both national & international contexts. (b) To address the demand of law students, law firms & the overall legal market. (c) To make Law students competitive, dynamic & well-informed. The five-year-long program was designed to meet the demand of law students and changing dynamics of the contemporary legal world. Today we have eight major law schools in Nepal offering the five-year B.A.LL.B. program. The colleges have been running both a yearly system and a semester system. The yearly system is the old system & the semester system is a recent introduction. There are a total of ten semesters in the newly introduced B.A.LL.B program. All  Law colleges in Nepal are affiliated with one of the five universities namely: (1)Tribhuvan University (2)Kathmandu University (3)Purbanchal University (4)Mid-Western University (5) Lumbini Buddhist University

The existing law colleges are affiliated with different universities in the following way.

# Under Tribhuvan University (Total Three)

  1. Nepal Law Campus
  2. National Law College
  3. Prithvi Narayan Campus Faculty of Law

# Under PurbanchalUniversity (Total Three)

  1. Kathmandu School of Law
  2. Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy College of Law
  3. Bright Vision Law College

# Under Kathmandu University (Total One)

Kathmandu University School of law

# Under Mid- Western University (Total One)

Mid-Western University School of Law

# Under Lumbini Buddhist University (Total One)

Lumbini Buddhist University School of Law (The contact details of each aforementioned law college are meticulously checked and mentioned below.) 
  1. Nepal Law Campus (NLC)

CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu, Bhrikutimandap Tel: 01-4225358 Email: in[email protected] Website:
  1. National Law College (NaLC)

Quick Facts: National Law College is the first private law college affiliated with Tribhuvan University. CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Jhamsikhel road, Sanepa Lalitpur Tel: +977-1-5413093/94 Email: [email protected] Website:
  1. Kathmandu School Of Law  (KSL)

Quick Facts:  Kathmandu School of Law was established in 2000 AD as an affiliate of Purbanchal University. It is also considered one of the leading law schools in South Asia. CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Dadhikot Bhaktapur Tell. 01-6634455 Email: [email protected] Website: Offered Course & Syllabus:
  1. Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy College of Law 

CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Bijulibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 4785808 / 4785809 Email: [email protected] Website: Offered Course & Syllabus:
  1. Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSL) 

Quick Facts: Kathmandu University started to offer legal programs after the establishment of Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSL) in the year 2013 (AD) as the first law school in the country offering combined courses of management and law. CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Dhulikhel, Nepal Tel: +977-11-490735 Email: [email protected] Website: Offered Course & Syllabus:
  1. Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara 

Quick Facts: It is one of the oldest and largest campuses of Tribhuvan University. CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Bhimkali Patan, Bagar Pokhara, Nepal Tel: 061-533466 Email: [email protected] Website:
  1. Bright Vision Law College. 

CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Samjhana Chowk, Biratnagar-6, Morang, Nepal Tel. : 021-503051 Email: [email protected] Website:
  1. Mid-Western University School of Law

Quick Facts: Mid-Western University School of Law initiated legal education in 2018. CONTACT INFORMATION Location: Birendranagar, Surkhet Tel: 083-521395 Email: [email protected] Website:
  1. Lumbini Buddhist University 

Quick Facts: Lumbini Buddhist University introduced (B.A.LL.B) five-year program with honors in Buddhism from 2076 B.S. Location: Parsa, Lumbini, Nepal Email: [email protected] Tell: (+977) 071-404088 Website:
So, this is the list of the top law colleges in Nepal. Studying BALLB opens up myriads of opportunities in various sectors. There has been a very high demand for lawyers in national and international markets and the demand just keeps on increasing. B.A.LLB graduates can get employment in the field of litigation, in all sorts of law firms, government agencies, INGOs, NGOs, & banks. There have been many examples where young B.A.LLB graduates have established their law firms & startups. Some have become exemplary youth leaders, some become socio-political activists, some have set up their own business and some have been providing pro bono legal services and earning huge love and respect in national and international communities.  hence, B.A.LLB. Is one of the best courses that enables and empowers an individual to become someone of value and worthy of respect.  
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