Things students love to hate about colleges

Things students love to hate about colleges-Love and hate relationship between students and their school is inevitable. Every single student is a critic of their school but when it comes to defending school pride and honors students will not think twice. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and criticizing things like colleges fees increasing year after year for the same old facilities is just not right not wrong. The problem is that teachers have been overworked and haven’t received a raise these years in many cases. What options do you have? Here are some of our finest ideas for dealing with the most widely hated aspects of college life.

College expectation and reality:

Movies and social media have raised the bar for college. Colleges seek advertisements that can display their college like in movies and when students get admitted to college they couldn’t find the facility and activities like in the advertisement. (what can be done?) : Seek the location and activities at the college that initially drew your attention. Going for the fun facilities that already exist on colleges premises and meetings interesting people can completely. transform your attitude toward college.

Some teachers are too boring: –

( what can be done? (sad) Every student has one teacher whom he/she considers boring and feels hard to make the connection with even though trying hard to concentrate in their class. If that’s the case then drop from that period and find an alternative teacher who teaches the same subject in a different section. If the feeling is mutual among the majority of students and that teacher is the only one teaching a required course there is always the possibility of convincing the authorities of the college to approve a requirement substitution. Alternatively, simply wait until the course is next given, preferably with an instructor who makes at least a token attempt to keep you awake.

College is Expensive: –

( what can be done? (sad) Make a list of all the available sources of tuition help, funding, and scholarship provided by the government, universities, state government, and organizations. You can save money by buying used books from the previous batch which comes with the perks of getting free notes too if asked nicely and an E-book is also a be option. Also, be sure to look into all of the tax breaks available for higher education.

Hate writing assignment papers (what can be done?):

considering a paper to be a simple form of communication like letter writing in past. Can you think up some reasons why education institutes shouldn’t have made students pay full institutional fees in the current situation? If this were your paper, your thesis statement would be the way you conduct your argument. Apply this method to your assignment paper.

Freaking out during the exam:

The main reason to get nervous is stalling the exam preparation for the last hour. Most students don’t prepare for the exams until the day before and they start to panic after seeing the syllabus they need to prepare for the exam. (what can be done?): Most teachers provide lots of clues and information about the type of questions students will be getting in exams and guidelines to study for their exams. Exams cab be fun when we go prepared and get the related questions that we practiced.

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