The Nepali Army breaks the world record by playing 555 madals simultaneously

The Nepali Army breaks the world record by playing 555 madals simultaneously

Recently, the Nepali army created history by breaking the previous record for the most simultaneous original Nepali baja madals played 555.

The World Books of Records official from Nepal was present to award Army Chief Prabhuram Sharma. With the certificate for this remarkable accomplishment on the occasion of Mahashivratri. And Army Day at a ceremony conducted at Sainik Manch Tundikhel.

In Nepali civilization, the madal is a fundamental tool that is frequently used by all castes and communities throughout various festivities.

The army’s record-breaking performance is an important step in showcasing Nepal’s original Baja Madal. To the rest of the globe, and it was made possible by the combined efforts of Madal Badak from around the nation.

The first attempt to popularize Nepal’s Baja Madal was made, according to Sagar Katuwal. The Nepalese representative for the World Books of Records. Who expressed his excitement over the accomplishment. He said that several people were filmed playing various rhythms simultaneously.

He also stressed the Madal’s cultural importance, claiming that when it is played, a wave of melody goes through everyone’s heart.

The army’s world record has contributed to increasing awareness of Nepali culture and the Madal as one of the nation’s most popular instruments.

The record’s verification team member and singer Nirnaya NSK commended the accomplishment and its influence on Nepal’s musical history.

Overall, the world record set by the Nepalese army has successfully brought attention to the value of maintaining. And protecting the nation’s cultural legacy and has significantly influenced the music industry.

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