The first Math Park in Nepal

The first Math Park in Nepal | Math Park has been introduced in Nepal to eliminate the perception that math is challenging for pupils. It was set up to make mathematics applicable to everyday life. The Imperial World School in Budhanilkanth founded Math Park. The park was officially inaugurated on World Mathematics Day in the presence of chief guest Pramiladevi Bajracharya, the secretary of science and technology.

Students will get the chance to learn maths while having fun at Math Park. Math Park’s purpose is to stop pupils from having the idea that math is hard. Also, even when the teacher is not there, children can learn new things at the park. It will support their classroom experience.

Science and Technology Secretary Pramiladevi Bajracharya said that the first Math Park in Nepal has added something unique to the education sector. She claimed that students are less attracted to science and math. Also, she thinks that Math Park would be simple for students. She claims that the government is preparing to provide schools with STEAM educational resources and train instructors..

According to Kamala Tuladhar, president of the Nepal Teachers’ Federation, such parks should be present in every school. He thinks, if kids study math in this way it will help them to maintain the standard of education.

According to Binod Pant, the head of the STEAM department at Kathmandu University School, in Nepal people do not consider Math subjects seriously. There is a trend toward speaking even if you don’t know English, he said. There are many, though, who claim that mathematics is useless and does not exist. However, he added, “No subject is complete without mathematics, and mathematics is significant since it is essential for science, physics, computer science, etc.” He also emphasized the need of teaching math to pupils outside of the classroom, such as by taking them to a park.

Junita Shahi Karki is the principal of Imperial World School. She told that the school’s math department made it possible to build the math park. This way of teaching proves that it is simple to study mathematics in an entertaining way rather than to say that mathematics is difficult for everyone. Karki informed that students from private and public schools can learn mathematics by visiting the park.

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