The British College | Launching the MSc Advanced Computer Science

The British College | Launching the MSc Advanced Computer Science. The British College (TBC) is excited to announce that through its sister organization, British International College, they will be introducing the MSc Advanced Computer Science in the coming year in collaboration with Keele University, UK (BIC). Additionally, they have several special scholarships available for the initial enrollees.

Under the UK Teaching Excellence Framework, Keele is a well-regarded university with a TEFF Gold certification. For more than 70 years, it has been offering students in the UK and its partner institutions throughout the world a top-notch education. In fact, it was named the best university by students in the Student Crowd Awards 2022.

As a result of their reputation for conducting ground-breaking research, students on the curriculum will have the chance to take part in research projects, practicals & internships to get firsthand experience in the industry. These opportunities will be available in addition to the regular coursework.

The British College | Launching the MSc Advanced Computer Science

The MSc Advanced Computer Science program at Keele has been skillfully developed to provide students with advanced knowledge and abilities in the field of computer science, as well as the chance to focus on particular fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. Additionally, in order to make the program accessible to everyone, BIC is now offering a limited-time 50% tuition grant to the first 30 students starting in January 2023.

The founder and CEO of TBC, Rajen Kandel, expressed his excitement about the relationship and his confidence that the new curriculum will give students the information and skills they need to participate in society’s digital transformation. And this is only the beginning—next year, the BSc Hons Data Science will also be introduced! Therefore, we hope candidates make use of our new scholarship, and we hope to welcome them soon.

Note: –

Students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related subject are eligible to apply. Please get in touch with the TBC admissions office at the Chakupat or Thapathali campus for additional details.

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