Super Madi Hydropower is issuing IPO shares to citizens of Kaski District and Nepalese working abroad from Mangsir 20

Super Madi Hydropower is issuing IPO shares to citizens of Kaski District, and Nepalese working abroad from Mangsir 20. In order to provide an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the project’s impacted residents of Kaski District and Nepalese people working abroad, Super Madi Hydropower Limited has released an offer letter.

The initial public offering (IPO) for residents and Nepalese people working abroad will start on 20 Mangsir and end on 5 Poush 2079. The issue may persist for people of Kaski District and Pokhara Metropolitan till the 20th Poush. It should emphasize if the early closing date is not reach.

The company’s issued capital is Rs. 2.10 Arba, of which 5%, or 10,50,000 unit shares worth Rs. 10.5 crores, is for residents of Kaski District (Madi VDC) and Pokhara Metropolitan Area who are affecte by the project. A later date will see the issuance of 21,00,000 unit shares, representing 10% of the company’s outstanding capital. 10% of the shares, or 2,10,000 units, of this public offering, is set for Nepalese people working abroad. The offering will begin on the aforementioned date.

For both project-affected residents and Nepalese people working abroad, the lowest application amount is 10 units, and the maximum number is 50,000 units. Sanima Capital Ltd is the issue manager of this IPO. This project makes use of the Madi River’s flow in a straightforward Run-of-River arrangement. The projected plant has a 44MW installed capacity and a Rs. 8.35 Arba total cost. It costs Rs. 18,97,72,720 per MW. Through a 22km long 132kV single circuit transmission line.

About the Company: Super Madi Hydropower is issuing IPO

The power produced by this plant will be linked to the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) at the Lekhnath Sub Station in the Lekhanath Municipality close to Pokhara City. A total of 243GWh of net energy should produce yearly. Super Madi Hydropower Limited now has an Issuer rating from ICRA Nepal of [ICRANP-IR] BB (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating double B). The danger of an issuer failing on their financial obligations is viewe as being moderate for those with this grade.

The Super Madi Hydroelectric Project is set in the Kaski Districts of Nepal’s Gandaki Zone, in the country’s Western Development Region. The Kaski District’s Namarjun and Parche Village Development Committees are responsible for the project. The headworks are at the base of Sikles Village, while the powerhouse is just across from Sodha Village. The approximate distance from Pokhara to the project is 23 kilometers. Currently, Pokhara City residents may access the project through a roughly 16 km long clay road.

Super Madi Hydropower is issuing IPO. On the left bank of the Madi River, the Namarjun Village Development Committee is set, and an earthen road track has already been built to the Headrace Tunnel outflow.

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