Students led clubs for change

Students led clubs to play a vital role to enhance a student’s academic performance and breed a high functioning, competitive, creative and well-equipped student. Many skills can be taught beyond the classroom and regular lectures. A lot of educational institutions fail to provide students with such a personality development platform. Student lead clubs are generally led by the students for the students themselves. Generally, these kinds of clubs operate on weekends or holidays without disturbing the regular college/school routine. There they engage in lots of activities that are innovative, fun, and interesting. There are various kinds of student-led clubs, but I am only talking about those clubs which don’t shoulder any sort of institutional interest. I am talking about a club where students gather around and talk about the things they are interested in for example leadership, public speaking, communication, listening, networking & business.

In terms of the educational sector, our country is unevenly developed. Schools in rural areas lack competitive teachers & resources while schools in the city have all of those with even abundant resources. This disparity can be seen within the city too. But for a higher educational degree, students from all over the country come to the city. Today in a lot of schools and colleges some students don’t even know how to pronounce an English word properly while the person sitting next to them can use the language in whichever way they want and perform fantastically well. So, what have our educational institutions done to help these kinds of students? isn’t it time to look at it?

Some students led clubs to promote public speaking, some may promote debate culture, and some may promote leadership skill development and capacity enhancement. They practice various skills which they desperately lack in their lives. This in turn has an immense benefit on their academic performance too. Student-led Clubs can offer important life skills that a student can use for the rest of their lives. It serves as a platform to explore and broaden their horizon in life by enriching their friend circle, exercising leadership at a very young age, and helping each other grow and achieve personal goals.

These student-led clubs can also co-operate with their institution and organize different seminars and programs. Such initiative helps to bridge the gap between students and their institutions. These clubs can further participate in different social works and youth-related activities. Such activities can exemplify their college/ schools which is indeed a win-win for the institution and students.

The creativity and possibility that these kinds of clubs can bring are immense. Therefore, all educational institutions to help students foster growth should entertain such clubs and support them without much interference. Academic excellence is the primary target of every institution & good grades are indeed a prerequisite for a successful career and I believe student-led clubs can act as a catalyst to enhance students’ performance also helps students to be equipped with all sorts of life skills. Thus, a student-led club is a must, does your institution have any student lead club?

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