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Founded in 1999, ACE has built a remarkable history of success in Nepal. Ever since its establishment, ACE has held the belief in producing graduates who are well-prepared for the job market in this era of competition.

In the undergraduate school, their BBA program is now recognized as one of the premier offerings in the nation, affiliated with both Pokhara University and Glasgow Caledonian University, giving you the choice between the two. They were also the first ones to introduce the executive MBA program here which runs under Pokhara University.

Alumni who have graduated from this institution are actively engaged in various organizations, serving the nation. They hold a sense of honor for receiving their degrees from this college, an opportunity that allowed them to discover their hidden talents.

At the moment, Ace manages two institutions under its banner:
1. Ace Institute of Management
2. Ace International Business School

Courses Offered


It is a transformative two-year journey paving your way to prestigious universities worldwide. With a minimum of 3 subjects, you’ll unlock doors to higher education institutions.


The BBA program lasts for 4 years, comprising 8 semesters and totaling 126 credit hours. Rooted in a structured curriculum, it offers high-quality education to nurture competence and leadership across various sectors. Students can choose from a range of specializations such as General Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Accountancy, and more.


BBA-BI (Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance) focuses on providing students with knowledge and skills related to the fields of banking and insurance within the context of business administration.


An MBA is a higher-level degree that teaches people advanced skills and knowledge about managing businesses and organizations effectively. A graduate with an MBA can pursue a diverse leadership role in industries such as finance, marketing, operations, and consulting, or start their own business as entrepreneurs.


The executive MBA is a career advancement program that provides students with a distinctive chance to earn an internationally acknowledged Master’s degree within Nepal.

Facilities offered 

– Seminars, Workshops, and Guest Lecturers
– Transportation Facilities
– Libraries
–  Extra Curricular Activities

More about ACE

ACE Institute of Management
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ACE International Business School
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