Staff Nurse Written Examination Results: BPKIHS

Notice of BPKIHS Staff Nurse Written Examination Result: Notice from BPKIHS regarding the release of Staff Nurse written examination results/.
A notice from the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan. Announcing the release of Staff Nurse written examination results. A notice of the necessity was published in the Citizen National Daily Newspaper on April 29, 2079, and the service entrance written test for that position was finished on July 19, 2079, in order to fill the position needed to satisfy the establishment’s staff nursing contract (accordingly, November 5, 2022).
Due to the upcoming elections for the Provincial Assembly and the House of Representatives in the nation, the written examination results for the aforementioned position will be released on the following day, 2079-08-05. This notification is being published for the knowledge of all parties involved.

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