St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar: Sparking Brilliance


St. Xavier’s College in Kathmandu is an institution of advanced education that was established by the Nepal Jesuit Society and is currently under its management following its rich tradition of academic excellence and devoted services.

Founded in 1988, St. Xavier’s College holds an affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s oldest and most renowned university. This college inspires each student to emerge as an innovator who generates opportunities rather than one who pursues them.

Admissions are now open, inviting you to be a part of this extraordinary journey!

Courses Offered by St. Xavier College


BA (Bachelor of Arts) contains subjects like humanities, social science, and fine arts. A BA graduate can pursue careers in fields such as social service, art, writing, research, and more.


This course is similar to the BBA. The difference is that BBS focuses majorly on practical exposure, not on theoretical study. Various business courses are integrated with a realistic and industry-based focus to build sound business ideas in the course. Students can specialize in management, accounting, marketing, and information systems. 


BIM typically covers subjects such as programming, database management, and e-commerce. Graduates with this degree are prepared for roles that involve managing and utilizing information systems and business operations.


It is a four-year, 8-semester undergraduate program. The curriculum is designed to provide theoretical understanding as well as practical skills to prepare students for the Information Technology industry. The scope and career prospects for the BSc/CSIT graduates could be Software Development, Web Development, Database Administration, Network Administration, IT consulting, IT project Management, Data Analysis, IT Teaching, And Research.

BSC. Microbiology

Due to the increasing intricacies of diseases triggered by microorganisms, as evidenced by the recent global pandemic, there is a significant demand for B.Sc. Microbiology programs. Graduates with this degree can work as research scientists, quality control/quality assurance, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Microbiology Educator, and Environment Microbiologist. 

BSC. Physics

BSC in physics focuses on the study of fundamental principles and laws that govern the behavior of matter and energy in the universe. This degree provides a foundation for various career paths including research, technology, education, and more.


BSW is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on preparing students for careers in social work. Graduates with a BSW degree can work in various settings, including social service agencies, and healthcare organizations, and contribute to the well-being of communities.

MSC. Microbiology

MSC in the microbiology program delves into the study of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and microscopic life forms. This educational path prepares individuals for opportunities in research, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and industries focused on areas such as food safety and disease prevention.

MSC. Physics

This program delves deeper into topics like quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and theoretical physics. Graduates with an MSc in Physics can pursue careers in research institutions, academia, and various industries that require expertise in understanding and applying the laws of physics.


MBS is a degree that equips individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of business and management. Graduates with this degree can pursue leadership roles, managerial positions, and specialized careers in business, finance, marketing, operations, and other related fields.

Facilities Offered

– Central Research Facility
– Well-equipped classrooms with Modern Teaching Facilities
– Auditorium Halls
– Canteens at affordable prices
– Spacious Field for ECAs

More about St. Xavier’s College

Address: Maitighar, Kathmandu
Contact Number: 01-5321365, 01-5344636
Email Id: [email protected]
Official Site:

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