Sprinkle Kids Garden

Sprinkle Kids Garden is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal. It is a preschool and daycare center offering the best services. The school was established to provide quality early childhood education and care to children between the ages of two and five years. It has an affordable fee structure.

The school has a colorful and child-friendly campus with well-equipped classrooms, play areas, and outdoor spaces. It follows a play-based learning approach and uses a combination of Montessori and traditional methods. Teachers engage children and help them learn through hands-on activities and exploration. The teachers at this Montessori school are well-trained and experienced in their subject matters.

About Sprinkle Kids Garden

Name: Sprinkle Kids Garden
Address: Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal
Contact: 056-532909
Type: Preschool

Facilities Offered:

  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Music Room
  • Montessori Materials
  • Transportation

Best Preschool In Chitwan

Sprinkle Kids Garden is one of the best preschools located in Chitwan. The curriculum covers a range of subjects, including language, math, science, social studies, and the arts. It also places a strong emphasis on character development and social skills, such as sharing, communication, and teamwork. Also, it offers field trips, cultural celebrations, and sports for the children. The school also provides daycare services for working parents, including nutritious meals and a safe and caring environment for children. If you are residing in Chitwan then Sprinkle Montessori can be the best preschool choice for your children’s childhood education.

Location Map Of This Pre-School

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