Smart Kids Kindergarten

Smart Kids Kindergarten is located in Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a daycare for small kids. The teachers believe that teaching kids is not how we can express it is how they can learn. This Montessori-based preschool has a child-friendly structure and operations of new and exciting educational opportunities for children. It has a child-centered infrastructure, materials, and methods, and students can touch, feel, visualize, and play with their learning lessons. Children get hygienic food according to the season-best for their health and easy to digest and also get seasonal fruits.

This preschool conducts parent counseling and systematic information sharing with each child’s family on issues like daily hygiene, health information, and parent orientation. The children become confident, and independent and learn practical life experiences, sensorial skills, cultural skills, etc. The Montessori teacher teaches basic linguistic skills in Nepali and English, basic mathematic skills, and social behavior (communication, sharing, cooperation, rules, discipline, etc.).

About This Preschool

Name:  Smart Kids Kindergarten
Medium: English | Nepali
Establishment: 2071 B.S.
Address: Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 01-5139166 / 9841690820
Email: [email protected]
Type: Pre School

Facilities Offered:

  • Well-lighted, warm, and cozy classrooms
  • Garden and playground
  • Multiple fun facilities for children
  • Montessori-based teaching/learning tools and materials
  • Highly hygienic food, and drinks for children
  • Periodic health check-ups
  • Periodic extra-curricular activities, including field trips

Best Preschool In Banasthali

Smart Kids Kindergarten is one of the best preschools located in Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 2071 B.S. as a preschool to offer early childhood education and daycare in a pleasant environment. The teaching staffs are well-trained to offer the best child care and teach practical learning to each child. It has affordable fee structures along with transportation and hygienic food facilities. Therefore, if you are living in the Banasthali area then smart kids preschool can be the best choice for your children.

Check Out Some Of The Pictures Of The Children At This Preschool

Smart Kids Kindergarten

Smart Kids Kindergarten

Smart Kids Kindergarten

Location Map Of The Preschool

Land Mark: Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal

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