Shishir Khanal is appointed as the minister of education, science, and technology

Shishir Khanal is appointed as the minister of education, science, and technology

Shishir Khanal, the recently appointed Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, is now in charge. He proceeded to Singh Darbar to take office after taking the oath of office and secrecy at the President’s Office Sheetal Niwas.

According to Education Minister Khanal, the country’s educational system will soon have essential policies and plans in place.

Shishir Khanal is the minister of education, science, and technology

The newly appointed Minister Khanal underlined that he will provide appropriate policies and programs to improve the nation’s educational quality based on his prior expertise in the field of education after taking office in the Ministry of Education today and providing a brief answer to the media.

expressing the intention to move through with the appropriate procedures to implement the Federal Education Act and the University Umbrella Act. Khanal, the minister of education, voiced his opinion that instructors’ positions should adjust as well as the timing of the necessary textbook arrangements. Additionally, Base on post-Covid learning and experience, relevant policy measures must make in support of the overall development and quality improvement of the education sector.

Khanal, one of Teach for Nepal’s founders, has been striving to enhance education in outlying areas. Before entering politics, Khanal, the founder of “Teach for Nepal,” advocated for public education reform.

A 43-year-old inhabitant of 10 Gongbu is Khanal Tokha. He graduated with a Master’s in Public Policy from the American University of Wisconsin. Through the Sarvodaya movement, founded on Mahatma Gandhi’s concepts, he has accomplished tremendous work in social development and natural disaster management in Sri Lanka, India, America, and other areas.

By founding and successfully guiding “Teach for Nepal” to do the most effective work in the educational sector of Nepal, his contribution to ensuring access to excellent education for more than 50,000 kids enrolled in government schools has been exceptional.

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