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kPadhne ‘Samayako Sadupayog’ Campaign 2076

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‘Samayako Sadupayog’ is an online campaign by kPadhne.com. As the name ‘Samayako Sadupayog’ itself suggests, it’s aimed at catering the needs of SEE and +2 students who have just completed their exams and waiting for the result to publish. The campaign attempts to duly address the confusion/dilemma that arises in the students during their examinations break via proper counseling and guidance.


The major objective of the campaign is to aware SEE and +2 students about the short/medium term training that they can learn in the spare time between the exams and results thereby helping them in the future course of their study and career. We kPadhne are partnering with several educational institutions to showcase their services and offerings to the students, so that we can counsel and guide them regarding skills, training, and education that fit best to their subject of interest.


‘Samayago Sadupayog’ focuses on informing SEE and +2 appeared students regarding skills and higher education opportunities that they can take during their break. There are lots of educational institutions that provide skill training, services, and education in various domains like:
  • Hotel Training
  • Bakery Training
  • Barista Training
  • Information Technology (IT): Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Animation, Database, Networking
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Beauty Training
  • Make-up Training
  • Air Hostess Training
  • Pilot Training
  • Fashion Design: Basic
  • Fashion Design: Advanced
  • Language: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, Hebrew, and others
  • Low Sewa Preparation: all category
  • Educational Counseling: study in Nepal and abroad
  • Music Training
  • Dance Training
  • Medical and Engineering
  • PTE
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • CMAT
  • Bachelor’s Degree in “BBA”
  • Bachelor’s Degree in “BSW”
  • Montessori Teacher’s Training
  • Hostel Accommodation
kPadhne is partnering with different institutions that are working on each of these domains to showcase their services to the students. We’re committed to understanding the psychology of students and guide them towards the courses and institutes that fit best to their expectations. We also want to make sure that the students get a clear vision about which higher education body fits the best according to their higher education expectations. We’ll act as a bridge for the students, keeping in mind that a lot of them might meander after the completion of their exams. We all know that time is very precious. SEE and +2 appeared students get 3 to 6 months of spare time after the completion of their exams. We want to help them understand the importance of this time and gain maximum benefits.

‘Samayako Sadupayog’ Highlights

  1. Proper counseling and scholarships up to 100% in various courses to the students
  2. Fee reduction in various courses in different institutions
  3. Daily giveaway prizes

Daily giveaway prizes:

Online Recharge Partner: जतिको Recharge त्यतिनै Cashback Our News Partner: Nepal Networks

Partner Institutions

Type Institution
Hospitality Training Partner Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education
IT Training Partner Neosphere
College Partner Thames International College
Aviation Training Partner Wings Aviation Academy
Beauty and Make-up Studio Partner Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio
Loksewa Preparation Partner Kosish Saikshik Kendra
Flairing and Bartending Partner Elite Bartending Academy
Barista Academy Italian Espresso Academy
Photography Traning Partner National School of Photography
Fashion Designing Partner The Creation Fashion Institute and Model Agency
Study Abroad Partner Euro-Asia Education Consultancy
CMAT/KUUMAT Partner Big Education Foundation
Baking Training Partner Sheraton Culinary Hotel Management Training Center Private Limited
Montessori Training Partner Pashupati Montessori Training Centre
Hostel Partner Glory Boys Hostel

Remaining Slots:

  1. Medical preparation
  2. Engineering preparation
  3. College partner
  4. Barista partner
  5. Study abroad partner
  6. Test preparation partner
  7. Music and dance partner
  8. Hostel partner
  9. Language preparation partner
  10. Modeling training partner

Who are we?

kPadhne.com is committed to filling the gap between service/information seekers and providers in the field of education in Nepal for the last 2 years. We provide all the information about colleges, schools, pre-schools, training institutions, hostels, and all the other educational and related institutions of Nepal to the aspirants. We look forward to delivering quality services in the field of education in Nepal.

For more information, contact:

kPadhne Shantinagar, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4621600, 977-9851013764 [email protected]
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