S.S. Montessori Pre-School

S.S Montessori is a pre-school is located in Chardobato, Naya Thimi – Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is run by Sun Shine Montessori Teachers Training Center. It has highly qualified and humanistically trained staff members. The preschool offers hygienic and fresh food to the children. It has a Child-friendly vibrant atmosphere. The classrooms are fully sunny, spacious, and airy. The teachers organize sufficient indoor and outdoor playing tools for each child. It has a well-facilitated child lab and library in each class.

This preschool combines modern and time-tested teaching methods. The teachers highlight unique learning preferences. The kid gets to learn positive life lessons while receiving creative nurturing. CCTV monitors everything that happens in the classroom. It also provides a transportation facility. The school administration conducts regular parent meetings as necessary and offers parenting advice.

About This Preschool

Name: S.S. Montessori Pre-School
Address: Chardobato, Naya Thimi – Bhaktapur, Nepal
Email: [email protected]
Establishment: 2072 B.S.
Contact: 01-6630520 /01-6925125 /9851113998

Facilities Offered:

  • Highly qualified and trained staff
  •  Hygienic and fresh food
  • Child-friendly vibrant atmosphere
  • Fully sunny, spacious, and airy classrooms
  • Sufficient indoor and outdoor playing tools
  •  Classroom activities monitored by CCTV
  • Transportation

Best Preschool In Naya Thimi

S.S. Montessori Pre-School is one of the best preschools located in Chardobato, Naya Thimi – Bhaktapur, Nepal. It offers classes from playgroup to UKG. The preschool curriculum is created to meet the individual learning preferences of each child and promote their full physical and intellectual development. The youngsters can take part in extra activities like singing, dancing, sports, theatrical theatre, and art and craft. It offers fresh and hygienic food for the children. CCTV, transportation, spacious classrooms, child care, etc. are some of the facilities offered by this preschool.

Check Out Some Of The Pictures Of This Montessori School

S.S. Montessori Pre-School

S.S. Montessori Pre-School

S.S. Montessori Pre-School

Location Map Of This Preschool

Land Mark: Chardobato, Naya Thimi – Bhaktapur, Nepal

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