Result of BALLB Entrance Exam 2079 Chakrabarti Habi Educational Academy will publish in few Minutes


Yesterday Chakrabarti HaBi Education Academy conducted BALLB entrance Exam 2079 intake. Approximately 1000 Students appear for the Entrance exam, Notice for exam was released earlier this year than expected. Now the students appear for Exam is waiting for the result of BALLB entrance exam of Chakrabarti Law College.

BALLB Entrance Exam Notice

Here is the notice issued by college for BALLB Entrance Exam.

Question of Entrance Exam

Question asked was standard and based on applicability. The Exam was conducted smoothly on Tuesday and the same day Interview also scheduled and conducted. Interview carry 10 marks in Entrance exam of BALLB.

Result of BALLB Entrance Exam 2079 Chakrabarti Habi Educational Academy

The results will publish soon, needless to say in few minutes. As per our telephonic conversation all the preparation to publish the Result of BALLB Entrance Exam is completed, result will be publish any time now.

We wish all the best to our future Lawyers and you can check your result Result of BALLB Entrance Exam 2079 from the official website of College.

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