Re-entrance Exam Notice from CTEVT

Re-entrance Exam Notice from CTEVT:. The application for the re-entrance exam for the full-fee recognized diploma and certificate-level health programs in the academic semester 2079–080. With the exception of pharmacy, general medicine, and nursing. Since there are open seats on the full-fee side for all health-related programs other than those offered by the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) in the academic year 2079–080. Certificate Level General Medicine, and Certificate Level Nursing. Given that the examination committee meeting on 2079-07-18 resolved that admissions would be handled through the reentry exam and that the pertinent educational institutions would hold additional classes and conduct instruction in accordance with the academic calendar.

In accordance with the “Guidelines for Conducting Diploma and Certificate Level Entrance Examinations. Scholarship Distribution and Admissions 2079” and for the vacant quota of the approved courses on the full-fee side. All the requirements as per the notification published by the Examination Control Office dated 2079-04-12 and 2079-05-22 are applicable. This announcement has been made so that everyone who is qualified to select children will be aware to complete the application as soon as possible by Sunday, Kartik 27, 2079.

Download/View the Notice Below: – Re-entrance Exam Notice from CTEVT

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