Re-Application for Various Positions in Lok Sewa Aayog, 2079–2080

Re-Application for Various Positions in Lok Sewa Aayog, 2079–2080

To allow applicants who previously submitted applications in the pre-published advertising to update their application information, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has published a notice inviting re-application. The notification is identified by the publication date of 2080/1/20 and the number 1471/079-80.

Candidates’ data were lost as a result of an issue with the infrastructure of the Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC), which hosts the Public Service Commission’s online application system. Even though the GIDC is performing data recovery, it is unclear when and how much data will be retrieved.

The Commission has determined that the timetable of the Commission will be impacted, and applicants who are preparing for the test would be significantly affected if the examination program scheduled to be performed from Jestha 2080 is not completed on time.

Therefore, only those candidates who have been approved or who have yet to be approved are invited to reapply by submitting. Their application is in response to the Commission’s advertisements published in Mangsir, Poush, and Magh 2079.

By 2080/2/18, candidates must submit their reapplication. The application requirements will be as stated in the previously released advertising. Candidates should visit to access the Commission’s online application system. Click on the Re-Application option, and then amend the information on their prior applications as directed.

Candidates must build a new profile and submit a reapplication using the same cellphone number. As their first application if their profile is not accessible in the Commission’s application system.

The same group to which the applicant had previously applied is inviting reapplications. The Commission will use the online application system to identify. The applications that have already authorize in the past and will approve the reapplication in accordance with those findings.

View the Notice of Re-Application for Various Positions in Lok Sewa Aayog, 2079–2080

The Commission will review the re-applications and expeditiously conclude the approval process for those applications from the prior year that have not yet been authorized. Candidates will get an SMS notification if their application has been accepted. A new roll number will be assigned to the admission card after the application has been granted.

Candidates who were unable to apply due to the double registration deadline in the advertisements published on 2079/10/25. For the posts of Prabidhik Nayab Subba or equivalent and the fifth level of health services in the non-gazette can apply through another notification for a specific amount of time.
The Commission has also asked for details on the publishing of the advertising in 2079/80 and the newly publicized examination schedule for the open positions.

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