Pushpalal Memorial College

Pushpalal College is one of the renowned colleges in Kathmandu. Pushpalal Memorial College was established in 2008 AD. And centrally located at Chabahil, Kathmandu. This college helps to provide excellent knowledge that fosters the intellectual, particular, and social development of scholars.   They’re committed to being pioneers in the field of career-focused life-long learning processes. This college was established to give good opportunities & facilities. This college provides high-quality education for all students & its aim  is to provide students with a global learning experience and worldwide opportunities.

About Pushpalal Memorial College

Name: Pushpalal Memorial College
Address:  Chabahil, Kathmandu
Contact: +977-1-4477177, 1-4461217
Email: [email protected]

Courses Offered by Pushpalal Memorial College

1. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Bachelor of business studies is a 4-year degree program directed by Tribhuvan University. Faculty of Management. This course is based on an annual program, which aims to provide a good quality education, and also handle answerability in every sector. This program will have activities in general management, Marketing management, Finance, Accountancy, & Management Science, these programs help to provide students with the knowledge of business and administration to develop the board management perspective in students.

2. Bachelor of Education (BED)

The bachelor of education is a 4-year program.  BED is an ideal course for those willing to make a career in the education sector. The program furnished students with the skills and knowledge required to serve as a teacher at the primary and secondary levels in school. the degree holder can find jobs in both privet and government Academic institutions & apart from working as a teacher, they can serve in education departments, education consultancies, and coaching centers.

3. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The bachelor of arts is a 3-year program at Tribhuvan University. The BA program is the largest faculty in terms of the number of subjects offered and the number of departments it has & (BA) degree is an undergraduate postsecondary degree that puts a focus on liberal arts and studies. They can also pursue careers in NGOs/INGOs, civil services, private organizations, culture organizations, and other fields.

4. Master of Business Studies (MBS)

The Master of business studies is a 2-year 4-semester program of the faculty of Management, at Tribhuvan University. The MBS cover subject areas like human resource, Management, information technology, marketing finance, business economics, management accounting, Etc.

5. Master of Education General (MED)

The Master of education general is a 2-year program at Tribhuvan University. After completing the 2-year MED program course, you can be employed in different settings, such as academic Settings: school, college, and university.

6. Bachelor Of Arts in Social Work (BASW)

Bachelor of Arts in social work is a four-year academic program under the faculty of humanities and social science of Tribhuvan University. There are many areas in which BASW graduates get employment. They get job opportunities in the government and non-government sectors, the education sector, the social sector, and the media sector.
They can work in different designations:

  • Bank commercial institutions, corporate sector
  • Academic institutions
  • ORG, INGOs
  • Media Sector Tv, Radio, and news
  • Research institutions and consultancies
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Rural camps & neighbor camps
  • Social welfare services, Etc.

Pushpalal Memorial College has provided some programs they are:

  • +2 Law
  • +2 Humanities
  • +2 Science
  • +2 Education
  • +2 Management

Facilities For Students

  • Medical
  • Auditorium
  • Laboratory
  • Sports
  • Cafeteria, A hygienic foods and variety of healthy food canteen
  • Transportation services right to the doorstep
  • Unlimited internet access for the students
  • Spacious classroom
  • Well furnished
  • Hostel
  • A peaceful staying environment

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