PUBG Server In Nepal

The PUBG Server in Nepal is finally here. PUBG server testing has been started by Worldlink communications Nepal, this will improve gaming, and players and streamers will benefit more benefited by it. Gaming nowadays becoming a career and we can’t deny it. the prize money and popularity are no less than any other physical games. we have seen 4K gaming YouTube channels now on Facebook and DRS the real soldiers who recently won PMC games in Asia gained huge popularity as well as price.

PUBG is the most played game in Nepal and secondly free fire due to its low resources that consume less storage and ram capacity, PUBG consumes high storage in comparison to freefire.

How Much Time Will it Takes ?

Recently Tencent hasn’t revealed it officially so we have to wait for the results and implementation. It is hard to predict the exact time but soon we are hoping this is going to be available.

Gameplay and Performance

Gameplay will improve drastically due to cache and local server we have to wait for responsiveness and quick deployment. Ping will be another factor for it having more than 500000 users of worllink communications it will restore working popularity hope there will be aggressive data plans at affordable prices as well. PUBG player’s expectations obviously get increased with these latest happenings.


Please provide your feedback!

How often do you play PUBG and PUBG server in Nepal will Improve gameplay or not.


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