Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BSc Nutrition and Dietetics) - Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University
4 Years

Tribhuvan University (TU) offers the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics as a four-year course in Undergraduate level. It's a Year based program and integrates nutrition, food Science, dietetics and other food and nutritional practices along with several Biomedical as well as the Biochemical Science related to food and nutrition.

It also prepares an individual to be a Professional Dietician who can teach or instruct others on proper health; food; nutrition; and medical practices. The program gives a clear overview of the nutrition and dietetics viz. Nutrition refers to the consumption of healthy diet for good health whereas dietetics falls under food management.

Thus, Dieticians so produced can make a plan or a daily food routine and then monitor over its consumption for an individual. They work in the Hospitals, Clinic, Health Centers, Health Posts etc and so on.

Similarly, this Undergraduate program in Nutrition and Dietetics has been designed with a view to producing skilled and qualified Nutritionists who are able to suggest correct nutritive food plan for an individual for his/her good health.

Program highlights:

  • It teaches basic science principles to the students and also integrates disciplines such as biological sciences, chemistry, and human physiology.
  • Students get to learn about the clinical, community, and food services as well as quality.
  • The program promotes good health and nutrition in human life.

Course Structure:

It's a four-year course.


Year 1:

  • Mathematics and Statistics (Theory + Practical)
  • Principle of Food Science and Nutrition (Theory)
  • Nutritional Physiology (Theory)
  • Biophysics (Theory + Practical)
  • Food Chemistry (Theory + Practical)
  • Food and Medical Microbiology (Theory + Practical)

Year 2:

  • Food Processing (Theory + Practical)
  • Nutritional Biochemistry (Theory)
  • Food Science I (Theory)
  • Food Science II (Theory + Practical)
  • Hygiene and Sanitation (Theory)
  • Food Toxicology (Theory)

Year 3:

  • Human Nutrition (Theory)
  • Catering and Management (Theory + Practical)
  • Community Nutrition and Nutrition Education (Theory)
  • Food Quality Control and Analysis (Theory + Practical)
  • Research Methodology and Computer Application (Theory)

Year 4:

  • Food Habit and Nutritional Assessment (Theory + Practical)
  • Clinical Nutrition (Theory + Practical)
  • Dietetics (Theory + Practical)
  • Dissertation
  • Field Based Posting (Internship)

Note: The Internship in the last year is of 3 Months duration.

  • Candidates should have completed their higher secondary level of studies with minimum second division marks or equivalent grade.
  • Candidates with a Diploma in Food and Technology can also apply.


  • Hospitals
  • Food services and Catering
  • Health Department
  • Restaurant
  • Food Research Centers
  • Health Care


  • Dietitian
  • Food and Nutrition Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Nutritionist