Pre-Diploma and Diploma Admission through Re-entry

Pre-Diploma and Diploma Admission through Re-entry (At Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute):. Notice from the Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute on completing the application for the re-entrance exam and the application for admission to students on the backup or pass list.

For the academic year 2079–080, the Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute is accepting applications from prospective new students who are interested in taking the re-entrance examination for the diploma-level Crop Science, Geomatics Engineering, Hotel Management, Pre-Diploma Civil Sub-Overseer, and Veterinary JTA programs. Candidates who took the CTEVT 2079/080 entrance exam and made the alternative or shortlist are also encouraged to contact the admission log by 2079 Mangsir 1st to complete the form. Madan Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute, operated by the Madan Ashirt Memorial Foundation in collaboration with CTEVT.

Short Details about the Admission: – Pre-Diploma and Diploma Admission through Re-entry

Programs 1)     Diploma in Civil Engineering

2)     Diploma in Geometrics Engineering

3)     Diploma in Animal Science

4)     Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering (Civil sub overseer)

5)     Pre-Diploma in Livestock Production/Animal (VJTA)

Last date of Admission 1 Mangshir 2079 (22 November 2022


For further information please VIEW/Download the Notice below: – Madan-Ashrit Memorial Polytechnic Institute

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