Prativa Secondary School: Arranged Science Exhibition Program

Prativa Secondary School: Arranged Science Exhibition Program. Within one month, students from Prativa Secondary School in Pokhara created science materials. Management Students is the creator of this Business Strategy. The identical science projects created by the pupils were on exhibit. This display featured students from classes 8 through 12. 11th and 12th-grade science students took part in the display. The exhibition, according to Kiran Sapkota, director of Prativa Secondary School in Pokhara, was planned to highlight the pupils’ ingenuity.

At the fair, the students’ science projects are all on show. The students made these items on their own expense. These science exhibits were presented by 62 groups. According to Sapkota, students are not only given homework throughout the lengthy Dasain-Tihar vacations but they are also encouraged to create various science teaching materials to help them become more creative. Don’t overwork yourself by assigning only textbook homework. According to Sapkota, it is the educational institution’s duty to help students develop their knowledge and innate skills. He claimed that in addition to having students study their textbooks, the school encouraged them to demonstrate their skills by creating science-related things during the one-month break.

Prof. Dr. Ganeshman Gurung, chancellor of Gandaki University, officially opened the exhibition. Chancellor Gurung advised the students to conduct a study after sharing his extensive experience working in an educational setting. Students ought to show off their hidden talents. Such science shows, according to Narayan Prasad Poudel, president of Pratibha Education Foundation, will give children the chance to study new topics. Paudel advised students to discover their inner potential and to constantly be on the lookout for fresh information.

Prativa Secondary School

Prativa Secondary School: Arranged Science Exhibition Program: Never give up after putting in the effort. The finest group from among the pupils taking part in the show will receive an award, according to Director Sapkota. Three students are participating in each group, according to Sapkota. They have produced a range of science-related instructional resources. The team that places first among the best won receives a cash prize of Rs. The second group will receive 15, while the third and fourth groups will each receive a diploma and a monetary award worth 7,500 rupees.

Prativa Secondary School: Arranged Science Exhibition Program

Participants in the session, including guests and university officials, looked over the materials created by the students and took notes as needed. For management students in classes 11 and 12, the school has planned a presentation on the “Business Plan” for this coming Saturday. The 11th and 12th graders will exchange presentations of their business strategies.

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