Peoples Hydropower Company is Closing its IPO Today

Peoples Hydropower Company is Closing its IPO Today: From today, Peoples Hydropower Company will close its first public offering of 56,06,390 units of shares. On Monday, Kartik 29, Peoples Hydropower Company Limited (PHDCL) will stop accepting public applications for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). On Kartik 25, the IPO issue was initiated.

The business would issue 56,06,390 unit shares with a face value of Rs 100. With this IPO, the company hopes to raise Rs 56.06 crores. A total of 56,06,390 units are in reserve, with 168,190 units (or 3% of the total offered shares) going to corporate employees and 280,320 units (or 5% of the total offered shares) going to mutual funds.

51,57,880 of the remaining units are for general sale. Prior to this, the business distributed 32,00,000 unit IPO shares or 10% of the issued capital of Rs. 3.2 Arba to the residents of the Lamjung Districts and Dordi VDC (Wards No. 6 and 7) from 31st Bhadra to Ashwin 30, 2079. Who the project would have affected. Only 23,93,610 of the total number of units in the issue have been distributed to eligible candidates. As a result, the public receives a total of 56,06,390 units of subscription shares. 8,06,390 units (or 15% of the shares earmarked for the general public) make up the remaining units. In total, the promoter owners own 75% of the company’s shares.

Peoples Hydropower Company is Closing its IPO Today

A total of 1,09,63,010 units have received 919,104 applications, according to CDSC. As a result, the issue has already received 2.12 times more subscriptions than it needs. As of yesterday at 4 p.m., or Kartik 28. PHDCL, formerly known as Peoples Hydropower Company Private Limited, was established on October 9, 2007, and on February 27, 2019, it became a public limited company. Individual promoters from various backgrounds and institutional investors are promoting the 54 MW Super Dordi Hydropower Project Kha (SDHPK), a run-of-river project in Nepal’s Lamjung district.

The project’s construction employs the BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer) system. The project, regardless of its parameters, should transfer to the Government of Nepal after the Generation License. Which does have a 35-year expiration date, has gone. For the PHDCL’s long-term bank facilities. Care Rating Nepal Limited has assigned “CARE-NP BB,” and for its short-term bank facilities, “CARE-NP A4”

Short Details: – Peoples Hydropower Company
Face Value of Share: – Rs. 100
Number of Shares: – 56,06,390 Units
For Company Employee: – 1,68,190 Units

Mutual Fund: – 2,80,320 Units

For Other General Public: – 51,57,880 Units
Opening Date: – 2079-07-25
Closing Date: – 2079-07-29 {If the issue is not fully subscribed then it can be extended up to 09 Mangsir 2079.}


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