Notice Regarding Staff Promotions at Agriculture Development Bank Limited

Notice Regarding Staff Promotions at Agriculture Development Bank Limited | This notice is regarding staff promotions at Agriculture Development Bank Limited. The bank releases the promotion lists of staff on Chaitra 14, 2079.

The Department of Manpower Management of Agricultural Development Bank Ltd announces this notice. The promotional activity takes place according to the guidelines in rule number 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 of the Krishi Bikas Bank Ltd. The Staff Service Regulations, 2062, is done by the top-level management for promoting any staff.

The promotion depends on performance evaluation, seniority of service, educational background, and on geographical basis. The promotion announcement from the Agricultural Development Bank Ltd offers the staff members a fantastic opportunity.  They can advance in their professions while following the rules and policies of the company.

On Chaitra 14, 2079, the Vacancy Committee made a decision and suggested seniority-based promotion. This notice is public for Regulation 25 of Chapter 2 of the Staff Service Regulations, 2062, in line with sub-regulation (1) of Regulation 24 of the same chapter.

The following positions and levels have been chose for advancement in accordance with the yearly budget and program of Krishi Bikas Bank Ltd. for Fiscal Year 2075/079.

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