Notice of CTEVT Diploma and PCL Level Registration Form Filling

Notice of CTEVT Diploma and PCL Level Registration Form Filling. Control of Examination Office, Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. Important announcement on the completion of the registration form for the Diploma/Certificate level academic session 2079/080.

Students who cleared the admission examination for the academic session 2079/80. And who cleared the entrance examination for the educational institutions’ academic session 2079/80. The Council of Technical Education & Vocational Training collaboration, government/community schools, & private level have all given their clearance to operate the program. This announcement has been issued for the benefit of all educational institutions involved in submitting the registration form to the CTEVT’s provincial offices. From the 28 Mangsir 2079 to the 19 Poush 2079 at the payment. And from the 20 Poush 2079 to the 26 Poush 2079 for the late charge.

This message also advises all parties involved that if the registration form is not submitted within the stipulated time frame, registration will be unavailable in the future. Also, by 2079-09-11. The council (CTEVT), state agencies, and educational institutions must finish the full procedure linked to classified (free) scholarship and admission and re-admission, cut-off, and admission of applicants from the passed list. Furthermore, re-entry examinations for programs other than health programs should complete via ITMS Online by the date 2079-09-07. There will be no admissions procedure after that, and ITMS Online will be closed for the entrance test.

Download the Notice below for more detail: – Notice of CTEVT Diploma and PCL Level Registration Form Filling

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