Notice from Nepal Nursing Council for PCL, B.Sc., and BMS Nursing Licensing Exam

Notice from Nepal Nursing Council for PCL, B.Sc., and BMS Nursing Licensing Exam: Important facts regarding the licensing examination for the Nepal Nursing Council registration certificate. This notification is being published for the benefit of everyone who may be interested in the approaching Nepal Nursing Council Licensing Examination. Which will be held on 24 Mangsir, 2079 in accordance with the regular work schedule. Candidates must have achieved the minimum proficiency certificate level in nursing (PCL Nursing) or a BSc in nursing in order to sit for the National Licensing Examination for Nurses (NLEN) (BSc Nursing). Additionally, candidates must have passed the Bachelor of Midwifery Science in order to sit for the National Licensing Examination for Midwives (NLEM) (BMS).

Important Details about the Notice from Nepal Nursing Council:
  • Please visit the exam link at and follow the instructions to complete the online form. There is only one option for submitting the exam application form, which is online.
  • If it is judged essential, the Nepal Nursing Council’s Examination Committee also might interview the candidates.
  • The council will supply black gel pens to the applicants for the registration exam. Students are advised not to carry or wear any things, including mobile phones, pens, watches, rings, bangles, ear rings, tops, or other electrical devices while taking the exam.
  • Both the Nursing and Midwifery streams will have 150 questions in the written portion of the registration exam, with a total of 150 points available. Only those who receive 50% of the possible points will be deemed successful candidates, and a practical exam worth an extra 50% of the possible points will be given for midwifery. In order to be successful, the candidate must receive 805 points.
  • Candidates for midwifery who fail just one of the written or practical exams must also complete the form.
  • Before the deadline for submitting the form listed in the test schedule, all educational qualification certificates necessary to be eligible for the exam must be published and issued.
  • Candidates must be careful when filling out the online form for the Nursing Professional Registration Certificate because the exam will be based on separate PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing question papers. If it occurs in a different way, the council will not be held accountable.
  • The application money will not be reimbursed if the candidate fills out the online form outside of the parameters specified.
Note: –
  1. In the case of nurses, the exam price is Rs. 3,100 ($three hundred only), and the late fee is Rs. 6,100 ($six thousand only), both of which must be paid through Vakbhadhab.
  2. A late cost of Rs. 8,100 is to be paid through eSewa in addition to the test price of Rs. 4,100 (Rupees Four Thousand One Hundred only) for midwifery.
  3. The exam will take place from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. (2 hours and 30 minutes).
  4. Online Form Submission date: – 18 Kartik 2079 to 12 Mangshir 2079.
  5. Online Double Payment: – 13 Mangshir 2079 to 16 Mangshir 2079.
  6. Examination Date: – 24 Mangshir 2079, Saturday.
  7. The Nepal Nursing Council’s office can provide more specific information about the test. Additionally, the council has a website at and a phone number at 01-437-2521.

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