NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023 | Funded

NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023 | Funded. For undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to pursue careers in genetics and related sectors of the life sciences abroad, the NIG summer internship program 2023 in Japan offers subsidized internship opportunities. This internship program with NIG Japan aims to assist burgeoning academics from around the globe. For international students, it offers some hope at a time when the globe has already experienced enough tragedies.

In order to ensure that there is mutual cooperation and technical excellence among the numerous worldwide communities, intelligent young scholars are encouraged to enroll in this program by involving them in a wide range of academic activities. Additionally, as a global leader in technology, Japan aggressively trains research scholars through its technology-driven development initiatives.

The National Institute of Genetics is in charge of the research internship in Japan, which includes a month of practical experience in East Asia. This creative program aims to alter the world for the better by encouraging young people to form a network of progressive people. Talented people could then contribute to transforming the world in line with the demands of competitive modern technology breakthroughs.

Students who participate in the summer internship program receive training in scientific research and communication as well as lab visits with the goal of addressing the facts and questions with the specific host investigators. Following program completion, students will receive a diploma and be required to present at the NG-Intern reports symposium, sharing their experiences. The NIG internship program in Japan enables gifted and committed students to advance their professional growth while honing skills that they may pick up during their careers in Japan.

NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023 | Funded

Additionally, it enables great researchers to collaborate with a variety of individuals and establish their positions in a worldwide community.  Additionally, the curriculum gives students the professional skills they need to use technical processes and approaches to potentially solve important global problems. It encourages young people to be academically capable and instills in them a sense of social responsibility.

The interns will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events, such as journal clubs, research seminars, and lectures for graduate programs, which are either hosted by internal NIG faculty or by external faculty. Japanese language classes are also available to students who are enthusiastic about learning the language.

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Under the guidance of highly qualified research researchers, students will have the opportunity to undertake independent research as part of the subsidized Japanese internship program in 2023. Within the more general science of genetics, the National Institute of Genetics creates new study disciplines. Additionally, the institute connects areas to continents and facilitates communities with a variety of research infrastructures. Multiple systems are provided to prospective pupils to improve their research capacities.

The institute is eager to actively share the benefits of genetics with the community in terms of its social contribution. Additionally, it unites business and academia. In this approach, highly developed technology abilities are transferred to sectors of the economy in emerging countries.

Details about Summer Internship in Japan 2023

Host Country Japan
Host Institute National Institute of Genetics (NIG) Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI
Duration of Internship 6 Weeks
Eligible Candidates
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Cost of a plane ticket from my country to Japan internationally.
  • The institute will offer a lodging allowance at its guesthouse.
  • You will be given a completion certificate.
Required Document for this Program
  • Academic Certificate,
  • CV,
  • Two copies of your teacher’s Recommendation letter,
  • Self-Advertisement/  Motivational letter
Deadline for Application Submission 6 January 2023
Eligibility & Criteria of Summer Internship Program 2023
  1. The discipline of life sciences requires candidates to be passionate about research.
  2. Third-year graduates of bachelor’s degree programs lasting four years are eligible to apply.
  3. Candidates may include fourth-year grads with five-year bachelor’s degrees.
  4. Second-year graduates with a bachelor’s degree for this year are eligible to apply.
  5. Candidates include first-year master’s students in two-year programs.
  6. To be considered, candidates must consent to abide by institute rules.
  7. Information confidentiality must be able to be maintained by candidates.
  8. At the conclusion of their internship, candidates are required to submit an essay and a survey.
  9. All boarding pass stubs for flights taken out by the NIG must be submitted by candidates.

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How to Apply for NIG Japan Summer Internship 2023 | Funded?
  1. The NIG online application form should use by the applicants.
  2. For application purposes, candidates should register their accounts.
  3. A candidate should have the required paperwork on hand before applying.

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